Pump Sprayer with SH

Hey Guys. I haven’t entered the soft wash game yet. I mostly pressure wash concrete driveways, patios and decks. I plan to get into soft washing once I learn more about it, with the intent on doing vinyl siding and concrete/block buildings, as well as the decks and driveways. Everyone seems to be in the soft washing game and I was wondering if I could use SH and a surfactant in a pump sprayer to do a Trex deck? I know I can use the SH, but is there any reason I could not achieve soft wash ability through a pump sprayer, just to do a deck? After this large job I will be purchasing my first system and will be getting lots of practice (Family and Friends homes). Thanks in advance.

You can soft wash for under $30 if you have a pressure washer. DS injector and low pressure soap nozzle


And maybe an x jet

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I have heard that but I have a 4gpm pressure washer and was under the impression that it would not be enough. Thanks for the reply, I’m going to go that route

4gpm to 8 gpm is about average. If you have a 4gm with 4000 psi then your cleaning power is 16,000. You want to be between 15,000 to 20,000 cleaning power which tells you how fast you can get jobs done. gpm * psi = Cleaning power the amount of surface being clean. So GPM is the most important because its gallons per minute pressure honestly will always be pressure. look at air compressors there piers ususally range 800-1500 so a 3000-4000 psi is great following 4gpm or higher.


Makes sense. I appreciate you clearing this up for me. So my PW can get the job done, not as well as an 8gpm, but it’ll do. Great answer. Thank you


Don’t forget the injector bypass. You need that to soft wash with a pressure washer.

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DS injector, nozzles, and bypass? That’s it? Thanks

You don’t need the bypass. With 4 gpm it won’t make any difference anyway.


I run a 4000 psi 4gpm machine…you can do just as good of a job as the big boys it just takes longer…and is a little more work reaching high peaks and such…and ll you need is a ds injector and a few tips and your on your way !!! Good luck

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That’s good news. Because it seems like whatever equipment You have, you’re needing to upgrade. Pressure washers are an easy upgrade without sending some big coin. If you had to do it again would you buy that 4@4000 or would you go with more gpm. I appreciate the reply. Very reassuring

Thanks innocent bystander. That’ll save me a couple bucks

pump sprayers are brutal get you a electric pump

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somebody tell me this on my 15 gallon pump sprayer that I now have…
lets say use 5 gallons… how many gallons of sh and how many gallons of water do I use.

i know sounds rookie but I just have no used any sh…
i have used that Zep

but how do I mix up the 5 gallons of sh and water…?

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Which do you feel would do a better job with surface washing residential concrete and the occasional soft washing? A 5.5gpm @ 2500 or a 4gpm @ 4000?

So here’s my question. Can I use a hand pump sprayer (like you see lawn companies using to spray weeds) in order to soft wash? Is it feasible as I am not in the market to purchase anything expensive.

Are you Dan from Dan’s Vlog?

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Yes but that is to easy. Get an old Windex bottle and filler up with bleach. Rinse with the same bottle, just fill it up with water.


Watched a couple of his video’s in the very early stages of this venture and needless to say I made many mistakes. Not knocking anyone who wants to make videos on youtube but his information and technique is… For example, DAWN DISHSOAP, black and pink tips for application and rinsing. Caused a bunch of problems for me needless to say. This forum has saved me.