Pump oil change made easier


I found this gadget to change oil in my pump. It’s like an overgrown syringe the size of a grease gun. No drain plug to fool with. Just stick the tube in the fill cap and pull back on the plunger. Took me about 4 minutes to change oil.


I just use my 12v roof pump…takes 45 seconds to change oil


Plus the oil lubes up the internals of the 12v pump making it last longer


Hope you guys know I’m joking lol


Yep…When I read it I just pictured the oily mess you’d have the next time you post treated someone’s driveway.


NAPA has them. About 15$ I think. Good for pulling out gas at the end of season before winter too.


On sale now. Figured a man of @Patriotspwashing means had one of these. At this price I might buy one.



Man that thing has China written all over it. You have a burner don’t you? Buy yourself a backup fuel pump and use it in the mean time as a oil extractor ran off a drill. Then you’ll have a Good ol USA pump for those oil changes.


How big of a mess did you make since it won’t hold a suction? Maybe you could adapt it to run a longer smaller i.d hose so you can keep it pointed upward.


I use a good old made in USA Liquivac. Bullet proof and works like a charm.


Change the oil?

That whole unit looks like it never been used


I like it!


22$ is a good price too!


Those are slick. I hope it holds up well for you.


Read the reviews before you get too carried away, about 50-50. But what the heck, for $22 who cares. Can probably buy the service plan for $2.


Not a mess at all. Just turn the suction hose upright when pulling out of the pump. Maybe 2 or 3 drops.


Word, I change my pump oil once a year and they get rode hard in that time.


It worked well for me.


What is a liquivac?


Here you go. What most the small engine dealers use around here. They have the bigger one, I just have the smaller unit.