Pump leak from outlet cap/plug

This spring the other morning I just tightened it down a little it was holding the rest of the day.

Since you could have your outlet either direction, I imagine I can just take the plug out Teflon tape and put it back on.

Or do you recommend liquid Teflon near pump?
Or could it be another issue?IMG_20200729_082112

Clean both threads well, teflon tape in clockwise position 4 layers


Blue loctite

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The things I would do to put a nice tig weld on the edge of that skid. Carry on fellas, I just love well prepped joints.


Never learned TIG but man I want to.

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Get amongst it. There’s something really special and satisfying about precisely controlling a molten puddle in complete silence. I go through about 3 bottles of argon a year welding in my spare time to keep the rust off.


Don’t some of those caps utilize crush washers? Probably needs replacement

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You’ve overtightend it and caused a break in the head. Pull it out and get a new one, don’t try tightening it more it will only get worse.

Dan might be right. Pull the plug, clean the area where it screws in down to bare metal.
Run a pencil around the rim of the hole. It’ll show a crack if there is one


Perfect time to add a 2nd unloader.

Lol jk


Like Infinity said, check the washer, it’s a M17.5 and it looks corroded in the pic. It should be GP part number 96738000 it’s called aluminum gasket.


They both are corroded, just gonna go ahead and replace both of em. Thanks guys

Talk with a dealer attempting to get the part. Future reference for anyone

  1. sand the washer and retighten
  2. buy a brass plug
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Did you do the pencil test yet to make sure your head isn’t cracked?

I’m no expert but I don’t think he could have cracked the head with that cap since it’s not tapered threads, which is why it has an aluminum washer. However if he puts a plug in there that will be a real issue to watch out for.

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Good call, I just always assume pressure threads are tapered because I’m used to them being made stateside. That makes sense though, it’s a General Pump and most of their stuff comes with BSPT

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I didn’t know they were bspt, guess I’ll have to order some online

I had just run down to Lowe’s to get a few plugs

I’ve never owned or taken apart a GP pump, but I definitely trust @Steve on this one. I know my K7 has bspt, and it’s made by GP

I don’t know what the threads are but I assume that if it needs a washer it not tapered.

The 2 different thread styles is to form a lock thru tension so fittings dont backout. And the Teflon tape keeps the threads from stripping when changing fittings on the soft brass manifolds. So always use tape there.

Pulled out the manual earlier it said they are bspp