Protecting wood floorboard against water leaks & SH (Bleach Sodium Hypochlorite for people searching by keywords in the future)

Hello all you wonderful associates. I had a leak in my 55 gallon SH drum and it destroyed the wood in my trailer. I’ve since laid additional wood on top of it but I want to know - what do you do to protect your trailer(s)? Is there a coating or material (rubber mat?) you can recommend I lay down over my Water Tote and/or chemicals?

A lot of people use spray-in bedliner on their floors, and sometimes a couple feet up the walls, as well.


I used raptor liner. I already had several issues with floor getting wet SH, although not straight SH and I don’t see any signs of deterioration. I used the Raptor in my old truck bed and had a few leaks of straight SH and it didn’t hurt the liner. Truck didn’t fair so well. :confused:

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G-floor is a polyvinyl floor mat meant for garage floors. Resists oil, bleach, acids, pretty much anything. I have it on my trailer.

Comes in different patters I have diamond tread

I thought about putting a bed liner in the trailer per the previous recommendations but a google search had a few complaints that SH ate through it. The post recommended a rubber floor mat. I am thinking of picking up two of these today from Tractor Supply:



Other than the size difference I wonder if the larger one (with the ribs in them) would keep the bleach on it longer?

I used to paint my trailer floor in my old enclosed trailer every year. I used rubber mats also to protect the floor. Even with numerous coats of paint the floor would become soft and mooshy from being wet all the time. I used the rubbers mats to keep it from getting chewed up but they just keep the wood wet underneath. Make sure to take the mats out and let the floor dry as often as you can. I only did it on the weekends.

Thank you for the tip. Mine is open so hopefully it dries faster

I’ve gotten straight SH on my raptor lined bed multiple times due to an lid leaking by on bumps. Since replaced but the liner is fine. Can’t tell at all.


Raptor liner is awesome. I’m hoping it holds up as well on a wood floor as it did on my truck bed.


I built a pan that my tank sits in and put in two drains



I’m conflicted still. Rubber mats are much easier to replace if needed but I can spray raptor to lead any spilled bleach off the trailer. Maybe make a small angle on the trailer from center to the sides? Thanks to everyone’s response I am learning much more towards raptor now.

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The mats hold up to bleach as well. Look up G flooring and chemical resistance of polyvinyl

Thank you all for your input. I’ve gone with the raptor which comes in on Friday. Now I just need to get my 900 pound HW Pressure washer off the trailer with rails in the way o.O glad it disassembles. I’ll post pics and my reviews as time goes on.

If you have any trees you can back under use a come along or two and some straps. Sometimes you might have to pull it up with one and pull it over with another. You can also sometimes find a local small business with a forklift that will lift it out and put it in the back of your truck.

Thanks! My cousin has a wench high up in a tree. I thought about going to use it but the PW comes apart pretty easily. Two panels on the bottom each only 4 bolts. Question though. On the HW tank on the top there’s this tiny tiny wire. What is that wire?

What’s the go with all the wooden floors in trailers ?
Use steel and coat it properly.
Rubber mats are useful to stop stuff sliding but trap moisture underneath which is bad news for any flooring.

If half the guys rinsed there trailers/trucks end of every day these problems wouldn’t happen. Takes 30 seconds before you roll up end of the day to rinse down the rigs that are covered in overspray/spillage. Job done.


Still laughing at that

Lol. That’s gotta make for some awkward conversations with the neighbors.

I’m sure I’m in the minority but I’ve never lined or coated the wood on my open trailers. I figure that by the time SH eats through the wood it’ll be time for a new trailer anyway.

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