Proportioner Recommendations

I’m ordering a new proportioner system and I’m hoping those of you that have tried various ones can make some recommendations on these off-the-shelf options. I wanted the Hydromixer from Midwest Washing Equipment but I can’t even get ahold of anyone up there or get a return call after leaving voicemails so they’re out. I won’t spend money with a company that can’t even be bothered to answer a couple questions or return a phone call. So, let’s hear it. What do you have? Likes? Dislikes?

Right now, I’m running a single 7gpm 12v pump but I do have everything to run dual 7’s so it has to be a minimal 3/4" manifold. I am also contemplating going to a gas softwash system in the near future but not 100% sold on that yet and if I do go that route I don’t mind upgrading to a larger proportioner if I should need to.

Its so weird you say that about midwest because i was literally on the phone with them today (probably plugging up their line while you were calling :smiley: )

They were super helpful while talking me through setting up a 3 way banjo valve to be able to flush the SH proportioner with water.

I have not used it yet, so cannot attest to if the product is good or not, but both times ive called them and have spoken with people that were very friendly and got all the information i need with installation. I will update you with how it works as i get it all completed.

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Give Brian at Midwest a little more effort you will be happy you did. I have placed 3 orders with him of various sizes and also had him on the phone for a few rounds of 20 questions. I couldnt be happier with the speed of shipping the packaging and the looks of all the items. I just started testing today but i dont expect many issues.

You could hit up Jimmy Hall too. His manifold is 3/4 and about $399 iirc

Heard good things about it but couldn’t hurt to get in touch with him

Next time you talk to them tell them to call me back lol

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I’ve probably called six times and left at least one voicemail in the past two weeks. I understand they’re a busy company and I’m okay with that but if I can’t get anyone on the phone to take my $1300 then I don’t really want to know how long it will take to get a hold of someone should I ever have an issue. I’ve heard great things about their manifolds and that’s why I wanted one but holy smokes a two minutes conversation goes a long way with me.

Who is that? Does he have a company name?

Sorry, I’ll link his mixer. He makes the x6 and seems like a good guy

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Send him an email from the website and leave your phone number.

If your running dual 7’s then get 1" with bypass but plug bypass then if you go gas its plug and play. Just my opinion but i basically had the same conversation with him.

If your running one 7gpm electric he will recommend the 3/4.

You dont want to restrict these pumps but there is a point that if you dont have enough flow the mixture ratios just dont work consistently. Im repeating info that I believe to be true from research not actual experience on this

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Thanks for the link. I’m looking for something a bit more robust and definitely want something with a bit nicer valves than that one. Nothing wrong with running a blender like that I just want something a bit more refined.

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I’m not entirely sure on whether I’ll actually run dual 7’s or not yet. I have all the parts to do it but I’m also torn on whether I want to do that or go a different route. I’ll try emailing them and see if they’ll actually respond.

Actually if you read the link that is from jimmy he states that with a 5.5 you may need to reduce the incoming water to get proper ratio so this confirms my statement about bigger not always the best answer.

This is what im going to try.

Looking good. Do you have a build thread going on here? If not, you should.

I have been in this trailer at my full time job or sitting at computer setting up all the boring “business” things. Learning alot about what not to do so far! I have lots of pictures so i will get something posted soon


Fair enough. I like the look of the Midwest mixers. Supposedly south east softwash made the first purpose built mixing valves so could check them out too. Probably just marketing talk and different plastics

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Hydro mixer is my favorite

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Texas pressure washing store makes one that is bulletproof. Full flow, even has a switch in case you lose the remote to still use the remote proportioner.

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I’ve seen that one. The remote idea is nifty but for what I do it would be pointless as I don’t rinse roofs and if I’m treating heavy organic growth then I’m always pressure washing afterwards so the softwash system is simply to apply chems and nothing else. I understand you can get the mixer separately but to be honest there are better built blend manifolds on the market for right around the same price. All the other mixers in that price range have metering valves on everything and that one doesn’t. Seems like you’re paying the same price for less options.

I have been looking into the SESW manifold. It looks to be pretty well put together. It’s hard to tell from the pictures but it looks like the manifold is made out of aluminum which is definitely more robust than the plastic ones I’ve seen on the market. That being said, not all plastics are created equally so maybe someone will get in the weeds of plastic engineering and come up with one that is incredibly strong and incredibly chemical resistant.

I like that the SESW manifold allows you to upgrade your system without having to upgrade the manifold. Just swap some plumbing out and back to washing. The manifolds that are only offered in one size may work well on a higher flow system but be abysmal on a smaller system. There is such a thing as too much flow as @EveryDetail mentioned.

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