Proportioner for newbie

Hello guys new to everything, but been trying to search about proportioner information and what im wondering is i have a pressure pro 4/4 with honda belt drive. i was wondering could i run a proportioner with that or do i need a 12v system? i currently mix mine in by hand in 5 gallon carboy/jugs and want to get set up with one so i dont have to mix like that all the time…thanks

You can run a proportioning valve before your drop tube into your bleach tank and just have your surfactant mixed in. Or you can run a dual barb injector with one side going to your bleach and one going to your surfactant, and put metering valves on each.

awesome thanks…i couldnt find any post about it , so was trying to figure it out.

Also @Racer uses this one I believe right?

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For the newbies like myself that didn’t even know what a proportioner was used for or how to use it.

Great video, simple explanation, thanks