Procudure for adjusting a new unloader

What procedure do you use to set proper pressure after installation of as new unloader?

Thank you for making this thread as I will be replacing an unloader myself and will need to adjust the pressure on it.

Anybody wants to helps us out?:smiley:

using a tip that will give you max pressure for your rig, you will have the machine running w/trigger pulled and adjust the unloader up or down until you see just a trickle come out of the bypass hose. Now your good to go


Thanks JC!

tip is right option for giving the maximum pressure to rig.

Here is a video that Larry made for installing and adjusting your unloader. I hope it helps.


Great video, I appreciate your help. The video however did not address “adjusting the new unloader”, just troubleshooting and installation.
Thanks, Dann

Woops, haven’t watched in a while I thought it was in there.

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I emailed this thread over, hopefully he jumps back with a reply for you.

Thanks for send me a reminder Chris. I do plan on making another video for adjusting the unloader. Unfortunately, this PWC Photo Contest has had me busy all morning setting up the voting process. So, hopefully I will have it out later this week.

You should also include in the video troubleshooting unloaders, like different symptoms you should look for that will give you a hint the unloader is going bad.

Good suggestion Trey

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Here is a video Larry made for you.


Thats great thanks Larry!

Just finished a new video on adjusting a pressure trapping unloader.

Thanks Mike and Larry, really appreciate your help, time and knowledge.

Thank you for the videos. On the first video, you suggested two ways to test the unloader. First was to pinch the bypass hose, next was to see if water would run from the bypass hose. You explained that if water flowed, there was a problem however, you didn’t explain why you pinched the hose (the first test). Sorry for my ignorance… I guess that is what I get for being new!

Thanks - David

Sorry if I missed it but what tip should you use when setting your unloader? I’d assume you would use your max pressure tip.

That video will get someone killed. Never ever let go of the trigger once you start the machine with a new unloader. A gage should not be used. Install unloader. Squeeze trigger and do not let go. Adjust unloader until only a small trickle of water comes out the bypass. Use the correct red tip matched to your machine.