Probably a newbie question

I believe they’re very common down there. Probably to help keep the gators out of the pool.

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Yes. The majority of pools have them. I think its to keep the bugs out mainly. But the tree debris has been a problem for me since the storm. Have to keep it clean or it will turn green

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Wife and in-laws are from Daytona beach. I’ve never seen so many pools in people’s back yards. Here in NC there’s a pool at a lot of neighborhoods, but not all. Not really enough season for them I guess
But even here, I’ve never seen a screen enclosing them

I wonder if the cold weather is an issue. Or snowfall accumulations could collapse the structure. We got lots of pools down here. When the economy is booming all the new houses get a pool. Mine is a custom job. Its pretty sweet

We got a five foot plastic circle from Walmart for the dogs to lay in when it’s hot. You can’t hide money


Couldn’t have one anywhere that sees snow even remotely regularly

Before and after of my neighbors view of my property

A new view for a sunrise. Previously was a very obstructive view :pensive:

You should probably stay out of your neighbors years

We are good friends. I live in a great community of wonderful people. Not too many jerks around here. We all do what we can to help each other out. The way it should be. That garden is like my child. Been working on it for 15 years and it breaks my heart to see it the way it is. I post the pics cause it helps me release some of my pain.

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We actually had a customer tell is that hurricane Ian cleaned his roof. He was serious.

It cleaned my whole neighborhoods roofs! In the sense that they are destroyed and will all be replaced in next decade. They are still working on the backlog of Irma roofs from 2017. I cant imagine how long this is going to take

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