Pro-Mix-Alot V2


Lol. I’m going to be nice


I got my own…but i am going to try this one


Mmhm. Well that raises more questions than answers, lol.

No need to explain, im sure you have it under control… carry on.


I am sure it does


@tireshark you underestimate his super powers. This is a man that can wash without water. Surely he can use a proportioner with a pressure washer, as soon as he gets one anyway


Sorry @FrankPeters. I have a tendency to sideline threads.


We know your trolling tendencies.
Besides what is it to you what others buy and how they spend their money
You want one?
Order one.
If you have nothing to contribute, just dont post.
Get a hobby, get a life.
Hope you grow up sone next year.


I started a Pro-Mix-Alot V2 group on Facebook

. Heres a pic of what it looks like. Come join if you want.


Ok folks. I’ve spoken with Lori at PWP regarding hoses for the Pro-Mix-Alot V2…

To have hoses, barbs etc exactly like I do, here is a package that she is willing to offer.

(2) 8’ sections of clear 1/2” wire non collapsible hose. (For Bleach and Water)
(1) Stainless barb crimped onto each 1/2” hose end.
(1) 4’ section of clear 1/4” wire non collapsible hose. (Soap hose)
(1) Stainless barb crimped onto 1/4” soap hose.
(All the hoses listed above screw into the top of the manifold)

(1) 4’ section of clear 1/2” wire non collapsible hose. (From pump inlet to manifold output)
(2) Stainless barbs crimped onto each end of 1/2” hose.
(2) slotted pvc filters (one for bleach tank and one for water tank)

This is $135 purchased separately. She is willing to offer this for $115 plus S/H.

Yes, I know that’s expensive. I thought the same thing when I bought it all. But it’s well worth it. You are getting (5) SS barbs crimped on all the hoses. Plus this hose will NEVER collapse under pump suction. It’s thick walled and has a steel wire reinforcing it.
She said she does have cheaper options available (plastic barbs, nylon braided hose etc) call her for options.

I went with SS barbs to screw into manifold. Why? Because that’s a stress point. The weight of a liquid filled hose constantly pulling side to side or up and down on a plastic barb is a recipe for disaster eventually. It will snap the barb in half. Up to you which way you want to go.


I’ve got a order going in Monday morning around 11ish. Pm me if you want to get your PMA V2 made!
$250 shipped to you


Got mine today.
Cant wait to try them after winter is over.


Good deal. More parts are coming in tomorrow for more builds. Think I ordered a few extra parts to have complete units ready to go besides what was already paid for :wink:


Ive got a few of these ready to go. They will ship out tomorrow! Price is $250 shipped to you… PM me.


They look good Frank, do you pre-etch the valves? Also curious why hoses need to be same length…if each line is primed, wouldn’t pump pull equal psi?


Thanks! No I don’t pre etch the lines. That’s something you do. Takes about 10min to do. Lines need to be same length. If not pump pulls harder from shorter line.


10 manifolds built today. 6 are gone… Have (4) left. These 4 are ready to ship out tomorrow. PM me if interested. Price is $250 shipped to you with tracking # through USPS priority. Get it in 2-3 days.


Get your orders in. Lori Smith just sent me this pic…
I have (3) manifolds left that are ready to go! PM me if you want one…

Looking for metering ball valves at good price

Just assembled these 3 manifolds and they are ready to go. PM me if you want one.


(2) available ready to ship tomorrow.


Got a order going in on Monday. PM me if you want to get in on one.

Check out the group on face book. Positive Feed back is starting to come in.