So I joined a Facebook group of a neighborhood nearby and the first post I see is “let’s get group rates for power washing”… this place is a mile from my house, and have done several houses in their.

Any who, someone posted a screenshot of a quote from a company ( there on here ) for such a ridiculous low price I about puked. On top of that their located more then an hour away, and said for two houses they’d come out and the price was lower then @squidskc minimum.

Any who, Spring rush is around the corner, raise your prices folks!


@ them… lol jk but PW Facebook groups are the worst. If their prices are that bad chances are they aren’t doing so good… Don’t waste your time thinking about it. You know people wanting quality work don’t shop based on price.


Its not just there…

I was just talking about this with someone a couple hours ago.

There are a couple companies in my area who are quoting ridiculously low prices.

Its a new ball game guys…

Yahp… that is why this year we are going after more apartments and condos where u have to show 2 million dollar policy and workmen’s comp. eliminates 90 percent of my “competition “


Sure they do. I’ve seen people posting here working out of cars, people in the Facebook application using electric washers and we worry about what others are charging? It’s a quack filled industry. Just do your thing and don’t worry about what others are charging. I actually washed my house this afternoon for the first time in probably ten years because the $99 guy my wife usually calls is booked out for the next 2 months. He does awesome work. Not picking on you @Patriotspwashing, just venting in general


Sorry I couldn’t make it William. Maybe next year give me more notice and I won’t make you wait 2 months :grinning:


I agree…it’s becoming the carpet cleaning industry.

That’s why I got rid of my carpet cleaning business.

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I shook ya’lls future in my 70’s eight ball. It said stop washing :house_with_garden:’s and wash :articulated_lorry:’s. ,:laughing:


Make this forum a private paid platform…

Alot of the hacking will probably stop…LOL.

Joking…maybe not.


Got a new guy that just popped up in my area. Using pressure on houses. Bragging about buying extension ladders for “hard to reach peaks” :joy:

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I do agree… paid forum.


Sorry. Lol.


I’ve noticed the real estate flipping company Opendoor has hired a lot of hacks to clean their homes. One down the street from me I noticed the van out front with PW signage…I could see inside he had either a gx630 or 690…a nice SC…drive past a few hours later…driveway looks nice but oxidation taken off on sunny side of home…Other Opendoor homes that I’ve shown have either turbo nozzle or wand marks on concrete.

Yes spring is here and Uncle Ray-Ray’s Discount Power Washing is rolling through a neighborhood near you. Who cares though…they’re always going to take a few jobs from us. But that’s true in almost any service industry.

I lost this house in my area to a guy who came in with a bid of $200.00. The homeowner told me if I could beat their price and complete it by the end of the week I could have it. 3,100 SqFt house with two balconies and a deck on the back. I just told her to have a nice day and call me next time if she wasn’t happy with his work.


:disappointed_relieved: Ouch.

Just lost 2 jobs this week to price shoppers, which I find sad since my prices are only in the mid range of my local market.

I lost a job to a competing bid of $250 for: 1/2 House, 1/2 roof, driveway. Nothing about the job was big or complex but $250 is about half of what the low end should have been. I told the customer it’s not even worth the conversation, I can’t come close. Asked him what company it was and he wouldn’t tell me so he might have been playing games. I’ve learned these are the worst customers to have anyway.


The industry is def coming into the light.

I remember when I made a Google account like 6 years ago and there were only about three or four other companies on there.

Today there are about 20+ of them now…

Dont try to compete.

Just have nice equipment, look good, do good, and maintain a strong client communication.

A great client wont care about small price differences.

They care about who is doing it.

But yes, it is getting a little tougher.


What I learned from the car business. Get in front of people and sell before they are shopping. Set your value and pricing based on what you can do for the customer. Whether that be time/work/expertise and whatever preconceived value they are looking for. You wont get price shoppers. Grow your social following so people know you from Adam and go to you for your expertise. Also be able to overcome objections. Most of the BS a customer gives you is just a question ready to be answered by a professional.