Pricing on Door Hangers?

Did a search first and nothing came up regarding this topic, but does anyone have success listing their starting prices for their services on their door hangers? Or should I design the door hanger without listing my starting prices and just include a coupon?

Check this out.

Thank you for suggesting that marinegrunt. I love the concept of the 5 arounds and I will also be designing another door hanger to specifically emphasize on the message that we have completed your neighbors housewash. My concern right now is getting my first sales in, so the messaging that the ‘5 arounds concept’ presents wont be as relevant to me yet. Regardless, that post was helpful - looks like squidskc lists his starting prices in his door hanger example, I’m just unsure listing such a high starting price based on my competition around my area would be beneficial.

Here is mine, it got eaten alive by squid and needs some work but it does offer a price… A service… And a time that the deal runs out. Could have done a better job with colors and print but it’s not bad.