Pressure washer that sucks from a tank/Bowser instead of being hose fed

Any recommendations? Would be for domestic use on concrete and patio.

Gear or Belt drive… based on your post from earlier today don’t bother trying to gravity feed a direct drive out of a recycling bin. Concrete you will want around 2500-3000 psi and the most GPM you can buy for faster rinsing. Brands are debatable… coke vs. pepsi and all that.


It would be a petrol one I am looking for

Do all petrol washers suck water or does it depend?

No. Some have success gravity or force feeding direct drive pumps… but all belt and gear driven pumps should pull water.

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Does this one suck?

Not familiar with it, so no clue. Best bet is to Google the pump and gravity feed and see what comes up

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No, that is a direct drive and will need to be hooked up to a faucet. There is another workaround, get a 5+ gpm 220v or battery operated water pump and put it after your water source. I don’t know if belt/gear reduction machines are available where you’re located.

This is an example of a good first machine.

Edit: I see this is just for your personal use, this board is for commercial washers. Best thing to do is just hook up that machine to a water spigot.


Which machine, the one you posted or the one I posted?

The one in the picture you posted.

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I wouldn’t have the flow rate needed from my tap

Your tap puts out less then 7.9L (2 gallons) a minute?


It says here it needs 19L/min

What is your actual flowrate at the spigot?

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About 12L/min

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Is that a gx200?

What does “Success Gravity” mean?

Gravity feeding is when you have the buffer tank higher than the pressure washer… hence gravity doing the work to push water to the pump, since a direct drive pump doesn’t pull water like a gear or belt driven pump. Some people have success gravity feeding their direct drive machines, others don’t. Typically direct drive pumps are low enough gpm that you don’t need a buffer since they can be feed directly from a spigot, so it becomes a moot point.


Not sure why the owners manual excerpt you show states it needs that much flow…the spec sheet on the website shows much less. What the spec sheet shows is what I would expect for that machine to put out as that’s comparable to the same sized units here in America.

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The 7.9L/min is the output of it rather than the flow needed to go into it from the garden hose