Pressure washer that sucks from a tank/Bowser instead of being hose fed

My hunch is they just want to make sure there’s plenty of flow (though doubling what’s needed seems like overkill) to avoid folks starving the pump and causing a load of warranty headaches for them because of, well, human error. It sounds like they’re using that wording as an easy out to deny warranty claims… should you ever have a warranty issue I’m sure they will ask about the spigots flow rate you are using. Think about it this way: if you fill up a 30L tank with a spigot pumping out 10L a minute, and your pressure washer only uses 8L a minute, then your machine isn’t keeping up with the spigot’s flow… the tank is gaining 2L a minute of water you aren’t able to remove and will eventually overflow because the equilibrium is off. This is a good problem to have when using a pressure washer… if it’s the reverse (only getting 8L but using 10L) then you are going to run out of water before it can replenish… thats one of the reasons a buffer is needed.

If you’re getting 12L a minute from the spigot, the 8L a minute pressure washer should be able to handle it.

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What about the minimum 20psi they are suggesting? Does that also seem excessive?

More the likely… most houses on city water put out between 40 and 80 psi

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In the US anyway, not sure what the PSI is in Europe, etc.

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Is there a way to measure the psi?

What is even happening here?


Candyshop wanted to use a recycle bin as a buffer tank. It’s a homeowner 2 gpm direct drive pump and they were worried that both flow and pressure wasn’t going to be enough to supply it.


I give up this is getting silly.

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Calipers and an abacus


@Candyshop if you’re a homeowner trying to clean your own home, I highly recommend you hire a professional.

If you’re a guy just getting started out, I suggest you return whatever that machine you have and save your money for a while longer until you can afford decent starter equipment.

Until then, this is all an exercise in futility.

He’s in Europe too so that further complicates things.

Ah, so, it is an exercise in futility.

Carry on.

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i have some some brits use recycle type bins for buffer tank on you tube. like a dealer, and was selling them. they were the small ones.

100% this. The 19L/m requirement is a silly amount of overkill for this machine.

Party on, @Candyshop

Here’s the competition in London. These cats aren’t rolling around with recycling bins for buffers and from what I remember of the conversation (it was 2am and I was half drunk riding an electric scooter around downtown London and the guy’s accent was hard for my redneck ear) the company this guy worked for is huge. They do the sewers, parking garages, etc.

I know there’s decent equipment in England. I’ve seent it.

Yes, that IS a little baby diesel engine spinning that pump. Really impressive stuff. Fully remote controlled system.

Guys over here are slacking. I’m looking at you @dperez

Hydro vacuum trucks are fully remote controlled. We deserve better than the Brits have. 1776 happened for a reason ya know…

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You can really go off with jetters! The second you start marketing hydraulic motor driven hose reels to house washers you can kiss everything goodbye.

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He was explaining how those worked and I was the dumb American standing there drooling. Some of the attachments he had in there looked like some 50 Shades of Grey stuff lol

House washers deserve fancy gadgetry too, Dez!