Pressure washer help plz

Does anyone have any knowledge of if these washers are good

You just posted in another thread you have a 4GPM machine… why would you be looking at another 4/4 machine? To answer no I personally would not buy either of those machines.

Secondly slow down a little bit go here and introduce yourself New Member Introductions

Next what do you currently have, what are you washing, is this a business and are you getting started? Those things will be covered in the post above but they still apply.

I had the Dewalt machine, but I had to take it back due to it being poorly made, so I am looking for a different machine that is well made. I saw others say stay away from big box retailers so I was looking for a different one that is good. Also yes I am looking to start a side business, but I bought the Dewalt one, but it was not made very well.

Help us out ^^^

Another new member is asking the same thing so check this thread out.

I can’t move up to a 5.5 GPM machine because then I would have to get a tank to pump the water into the pressure washer as I was told houses generally can only pump about 4-4.5 GPM to the washer. Also I want to stay away from building my own machine.

Yes you will need a buffer tank for a 5.5 but if a house can supply your 4GPM it will also supply your 5.5GPM or even an 8GPM. As you read through old threads you’ll see that you start filling your buffer tank as you’re taking before photos of the house and taking off lights and outlets and that will provide the water needed to wash without concern for a 5.5GPM. An 8GPM might require more fill time. There are many threads about why a 5.5GPM is better than a 4GPM for starters the unloader means you don’t need to stay on the trigger to keep your machine cooled down like a direct drive machine. So my recommendation remains move to a 5.5GPM

Also you’re not required to build your own machine. You would be required to plumb the tank to the machine but they make kits for that too. If you’re not comfortable doing that I think you are going to struggle in this industry.

You’re fine with that second machine in the pic, the belt drive. I will say though Cat can be weird with fittings and such, make sure the unloader is separate from the pump body and not incorporated into it.

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For the same price I’d buy this one electric start. 5.5GPM/3000PSI


The bottom one is a great machine. The one I rec to most new guys or if you need a smaller machine.

It’s not

How do you like your hydro max ? Compared to the other 8 gpm’s you have had

Thank you I just ordered it. Should be here in a few days I’m excited to get to use it. I appreciate your help!

Thank you for your help I just ordered it. I am excited to get to use it!

You’ll love it. It will push a 20" surface cleaner, but a little slow so you may want to stick with about a 16" unless you’re planning on upsizing in a year or so. Get you a m5DS nozzle 3-7gpm size and a shooter tip. You’ll eventually want a small buffer tank, just so you don’t have to cut the machine off if you’re stop spraying for a min or 2. Good luck.