Pressure gauge leaking

Pressure gauge blowing water out of the top. There was a rubber piece that looks like it probably was meant to add oil into the gauge but it keeps blowing out any idea?

It’s trash just like this one. I had high hopes for this one made in Italy but it only took two 3,400 lb spikes to break it’s tail piece. You really need to pony up the money for a nice setup.

The blow out plug is there to allow excessive pressure to have a way to relieve. What psi is the gauge and your machine?

It’s the second one that has done this could it be an unloader problem?

Throw it away and you’ll never have to worry about it


I have one I use with quick connects, I don’t see the need to run one permanently

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@Chesebro Who does see the need to run it permanently?

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You dont need it you are just wasting your money. I’m sure that gauge is not ment to spike all day.

Many guy’s run these mounted to there pumps… Full time…

Ha not everyone can feel when they are down 100psi from a worn nozzle like me

I have to pull nozzles when I loose 200psi. Less load on the engine lets it spin a lil faster jacking with my voltage on my generator. I do save them though if I need to squeeze some more life out of a weak unloader spring until I care to swap another unloader in.

I dont know anyone who runs them full time. Pressure checks are on Monday along with other equipment checks.

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From this day forward, in the land of the PWRA, I christen you as…The Nozzle Whisperer


I’m known by friends and family as the cat whisperer, nothing more :frowning: