Pressure gauge leaking

Have you tried just letting it run and seeing if the air bubbles will work themselves out of the system? Shouldn’t take more than 15 or 20 minutes.

That surprises me since you live in California. :grin:


Just installed a low water motor shutoff so no more issues! Looks like the vrt3 unloader is going bad a little bit. Irritated because I was told the machine came with a k7 and it didn’t! Ordering one today.

Went to hotsy and worked on it for 5 hours today full inspection, new burner nozzle, fuel filter, adjust the burner to get it up to 180 deg, change oil in water pump, and also just had the kubota serviced. Good to go!

My pw is doing the same thing, water blowing out the top of pressure gauge. Changed pressure gauge with new. Fine for a few hours than did it again. I think i’ll take IBS’s advice and take the gauge off, then throw a low water shut off like you did. First time i hear of it but i do alot of jobs on wells so that would be wise i think. Has it worked well so far? If so do you have a link to it?

A low water shut of just means you have to restart the machine. If you run low on water, just stop and wait. You’ll feel it in the hose off you run low. No need to add another step.

Unless your using the surface cleaner, at which point you might be running the pump dry for far longer than than a second or two. Or have employees who don’t know how to feel that yet. IMO It’s a cheap safety feature and worth it to not have to possibly have to replace a very expensive pump and have downtime losing even more money.

Do what works for you but you need better pumps and better employees it sounds like