Predator won't pull gas

My new out of the box 22hp Predator won’t pull gas from the gas can. Before running it I changed the fuel pump and filter. I connected a fuel line to the filter and dropped the other end in a gas can. I tried to start it but it won’t pull gas. I don’t have any hose clamps on because I just wanted to see if I could get it to start it. There is no pump attached either. Do I need to prime it since it’s never had gas in it?

Yep, just take the hose off, rig up a tiny funnel, and pour some gas in. That should take care of it assuming you have the hoses hooked up correctly which I’m sure you do.

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Maybe its a direct drive fuel pump??

Jk, might just need to be primed

Fuel line clamps are a good start. Is the tank mounted higher than the machine. Lossen the cap on the tank. If you have a small syringe at home or pick one up at cvs 2 bucks will save you alot of mess trying to prime the line


I put a primer bulb on my fuel line. 5-6 pumps and I can hear the filter is full of fuel and not air. Fires right up


@Firefighter4hire I haven’t been able to find a funnel small enough for my fuel line. The syringe is a great idea. I have tons from my sick kids taking childrens’ med through them.

Yep thats perfect I keep two I’m my glove box as eye flushes they work great

Why did you replace a fuel pump on a new machine? You shouldn’t have to prime the line. That’s the whole point of having a fuel pump

My guess is that it air locked that happen to me the first time I tried to start my honda 630

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Didn’t @SchertzServicesLLC do a write up about changing the fuel pump and some other things on the predator. He might have a tip for you.


My 630 did the same thing after sitting for a couple months, thought it would never start.

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Gotta get those syringes works every time. Plus good for flushing eye ball if you mess up


Guys said the fuel pumps sucks on the Predator so I figured I change it out while it’s sitting on my work bench. I don’t know much about small engines or building machines. Trying to learn now. Figured why not try a project machine.

Just my opinion, but if you don’t know much about small engines, don’t get one that you have to work on before you use it. Honda 690 and don’t look back


Only way to learn is to actually work on them … and watch Youtube videos lol.



Hahahaha I want one of those that’s awesome. But my mentor made me keep a honda 2.7 running all year. I spent alot of nights trying to figure it out but I’m glad I did it. I learned alot of valuable things that year working kn my own equipment. Small engines are easy. Just remember a engine is nothing but a air pump.


I got to give it to @SchertzServicesLLC he really helped me out on my predator 670 build. I replaced the fuel pump with a Briggs and Stratton one if I remember correctly. Also changed out all the fuel lines and put better clamps on because with that type of fuel pump if there is any are air leaks in the line you will lose vacuum and it will not draw. The tank needs to be as close to the engine as possible and the less incline from tank to engine the better. Get a good inline fuel filter. Ever since I did those tweeks she’s been purring like a kitty.


Very welcome!

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Predator has been working well till yesterday. I kept stalling every 10 mins. I loosened the gas cap and she ran great. My tank is a 12 gallon Attwood. Can anyone recommend a vented gas cap for the Attwood tank. I can find manually vented caps but do those vents stay open or do you twist them to let pressure out which would be useless if i have to vent it 30 times a day.