Predator motor setup

I’ve been doing some research and I’m thinking about building my own 8-10gpm motor/pump setup powered by a 22 HP Predator motor. Harbor freight has a really good “replace not repair” warranty on these motors and I’ve read where folks have had really good luck with these motors. I’m decent mechanically but no expert.

Have any of you guys set up your own “big motor”. Did you use a poly chain, gearbox, or belt to mate it to the pump? I’ve pretty much decided on running the tsf2021 pump.

What are your thoughts or advice? If any of y’all have a similar set up I’d love to see pics. Thanks. Here is a link for the predator motor. They’re modeled off the Honda. The reason I’m exploring this option is obviously to save money but to also to gain knowledge about how these motors work and how to work on them.


There is a pretty good discussion going on in one of the Facebook groups right now about them. Many of the people discussing them have used them. Mixed reactions, but seems like there are more that like them than dont. PM me and ill give you the link.

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I wouldn’t personally spend $700+ on one with the warranty especially when the comparable Honda is about $1200.

I will say I bought a big Kohler, used, from a local landscape/lawn maintenance company who replaces old motors with exclusively these Predators. I didn’t believe him until he took me through the warehouse. They’re not a small company and are respected locally with the resources to replace Hondas with Hondas and Kohler with Kohler, but they don’t.

Don’t know if that’s prudent or if it’s superstition or just tight pockets, but that’s my experience with it for what it’s worth. One of my generators has a predator engine and I’ve been pleased with it.

That being said, I still wouldn’t buy one for business use.

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Yea link it up please. I wonder if it’s the same thread I was looking through the other day.

@squidskc I mean I could go buy a cold Honda skid for $3800 or I could build my own for around $2000. Biggest thing I’m trying to figure out is what gear box/belt system is the best to use to make it happen?

To each their own, but don’t forget to price a fuel tank, fuel line, new injector, unloader, bypass, etc. etc. etc.

But if we ignore those things, you could build your own with pump and engine only, with one that you know you can rely on, a.k.a. Honda, for 2400 bucks. That still saves $1400 to buy all the stuff that you need to make it functional.

Not trying to talk you out of it. Just a different perspective.

If you know where I can get a cold 8gpm @3500 for that price I’ll definitely go that route. I love Honda motors, but just trying to weigh other options, but honestly one or two good jobs will pay for the Honda over the predator. :thinking:

IBS sent me a link probably a month ago to a business that sells the udor 8 GPM gear drive pumps and they were priced a couple hundred dollars less than the other places I was looking. He sent me the link to the unloaders he uses too because I was trying to do the same thing you are before I bought the used machine in NC.

Anyway, I’ll try to dig up the links and get back to you.

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This isn’t the specific place he linked, but the prices are near identical if I remember right. That’s anywhere from $200-700 less than I’ve seen them other places.

Here’s the unloader
Honda GX 690 for $1300.

So without battery, cables, unloader block, bypass, injector, or otherwise you’re looking at $2400 for an Udor gear drive pump and Honda engine brand new.

Unloader is $130
Block is $30
Battery is $40
Fuel tank is $70
Injector is $30
Skid material
Rubber feet
Lost time from not washing
Shipping on all of it: who knows.


I can’t find the link now unfortunately, but I was looking for used Honda 690’s on craigslist awhile back and an off road go kart popped up. They wanted $700 for the thing if I remember right and in the description it said Honda GX 690. I didn’t put two and two together, wish I had, I would’ve gone to see if it really was a 690 for $700. I would’ve taken it off and sold the frame.

I still regret it. Lol

I was bullshiting with the one big pwstore near me. He kept talking up general pump which from what I’ve read is insanity. But he made one good point. “If you buy an udor pump you better be able to work on them yourself. No one around here knows anything about them, including myself.” Got me to thinking since my abilitys lie more in the relms of carpentry and electronics as supposed to the mechanics of small engines and pumps. I’m sure it’s something I can learn but it’s a little nerve wracking doing it with thousands of dollars worth of equipment and no adult supervision :smiley:


Is Udor significantly better than Cat or General? Enough to be concerned over which one to choose?


There’s good stuff here. Enjoy!

@Sharpe My local Landa dealer has a warehouse of every machine, pump, and hot box you can imagine on racks from floor to ceiling. I’m 100% positive that if I took a pump to him: 1. He’d tell me if it was even worth fixing. 2. He’d sure as heck figure out how to fix it because those who don’t buy Landas are probably going to at least consider Udors. It makes good business sense to know how to fix them for a Landa dealer because repairs on non-Landa stuff is still revenue.

It may not make that much sense for someone looking to sell anything that gives them a higher mark up. Regular retailers usually stock products that are going to maximize profit.

I love Milwaukee power tools, but there’s a reason why you can’t buy Hilti, Metabo, or Snap-On tools at Home Depot (besides licensing)

This is my full time gig so I have had a back up machine or knew where to rent one since the day I started. (Thanks business plan workshop!) If there wasn’t a place that worked on my particular pump I’d have cash set aside to replace it overnight while I sent the other one off for repairs or It’d become my responsibility to learn how to fix Udor pumps on Sundays if that meant flying to Udor to learn how.

Everyone’s business is different, but that’s my two cents.


Yup that’s the crossroads I’m at with the money in hand to finally invest in professional equipment. I have a few months of snow to work out the 6 or 7 small details left. But it’s going to be final decision time before ya know it! I still can’t believe I’m about to drop thousands on nice equipment to wash houses and roofs after a really profitable summer. If I wouldn’t have found you guys I gaurtee it never would have happened. This place is a godsend and I really appreciate all the advise and access. Especially the kicks in the rear to keep integrity number 1 over all @Innocentbystander .You guys are great!! Take a bow


I couldn’t agree more with what you said. @squidskc thanks for all the links. I’m looking at buying my “big boy “ motor next year. I’ve already bought my new trailer that I’m stoked about so I have time.


Plus you the absolute best company name and slogan of all time!!!

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Who me? Lol


@Alabama x2 here. Sir Wash-A-Lot is hysterical enough… I love business names and slogans that are hard to forget.


Thanks for the kind words. I’d take a bow but Emma is on patrol for retribution… see… she made chili last night and I can’t be held responsible for things that happen when I sleep. Anyway… stay vigilant my friends.

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Sorry to jump in without introducing myself. But this place has the best prices for udor pumps that I have seen. They also have the 5 gpm gear drive for $600ish


Boom! See this @Alabama! $600 for an 8 gpm udor. Thanks @FATJOE! Welcome.

The forums free, but you just paid your admission twice! :slight_smile:

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