Predator motor setup


Haha. Thanks, been here a while in the background. Stalking lol


Wonder what the psi output is if that 8gpm @2500 was mated to a gx390? Prob hit 1700 psi at 8gpm but it’d be a house wash monster.


But the pump pictured would have to be mounted to a belt system. A gear pump mounts straight to the motor. The one for $600 is pulley driven. A gear pump is over $1k. If I had service records on my other gx390 I would have gone that route.


Spot on. So you’d have to price pulleys, pulley mounts (I forget what their real name is at the moment) and belts too. 3 pieces of angle iron and a J-bolt are all you need to mount the pump. (Thanks IBS)

He has a video of it up, but I’ll get some pictures of the set up I just got to show you how dang simple it is.

If you get all your stuff let me know and I’ll make and send you a mock up of one. You’ll just have to make one to fit your set up. Easy day.


I’ve heard the UDOR gear pumps are legit. Prob IBS that said it lol. I think it would almost be better to get the gear pump but those things are crazy big and heavy so you have to make mount to support it


You’re gonna have to make something or attach something to something else more than once if you build your own. Lol

IBS said the new gear drives are comparable with the belt drives. Not so much with the old gear drives. Doesn’t matter since you’re not buying used.


Scratch making rails. $8 for pre-drilled rails.


I felt the same but I found that with Udor you get top notch quality AND any technical assistance you need, pretty much instantly. I recently ran low on water (while up on a deck, taking like 5 minutes to get to my pump to shut it off), ran my pump dry and had to replace my seals (the Udor guys were surprised, as my pump had 280 hours, and they usually don’t need seals for several thousand hours). I was very nervous about doing it but, with their help to order the right seal kit and insertion tool (a MUST) and their techs taking lots of time to answer my 3 trillion questions (some repeatedly), I was able to replace the seals with no problems of any kind in less than 15 minutes.

In other words, get the Udor, work on it yourself (IF you ever have to) with their help, learn some useful new skills along the way, be a happy power wash guy!


The pump on my 5.5 has been working flawlessly, unsupported, for over 2 years. I asked Udor techs when setting it up and they said it didn’t need to be supported. So far, so good.


Great info. I’m glad to hear another person say that there customer service is top notch.


It truly, truly is. Top notch is actually an understatement. I once had an air leak that they helped me track down. They actually called back 30 minutes after our conversation to make sure I was good to go.


That’s impressive. Sounds like exactly what I’m looking for.


Yea me too. Thanks for the insight


Do it! Thats the setup im going to be using this spring coming up. And the parts are basically honda. I would trust predator engines because carburetors, gas tanks, pull cords, and such are the same. That being said you can rebuild or repair them no probs and check out duromax engines. I have an 18hp duromax (not the chevy duramax) turning a gp ts2021 and works fantastic! Starts up first pull or couple cranks with electric start.


Well I found a great deal on a brand new Alkota cold skid with a Kohler 23.5 and AR 8 @3500. It’s so shiny. Can’t wait to set it up.

For $2800 I couldn’t pass it up. I’ve never ran a Kohler but Russ at Southside Said they’re good so I’ll take that to the Bank


Kohler had a problem about 10 years ago with ethanol causing vapor lock. Newer ones have gone to EFI. I ran a lot of kohler commanders for a few years. I’d still run them over Hondas of ethsnol free gas was readily available


I treat all my gas with stabil ethanol treatment. Hope that keeps everything running like it should.


I run my carburetors dry at the end of every day to try to minimize anything sitting in there with ethanol. The GX160 has who knows how many hours on at after 7 years. No issues so far.


I do the exact same thing.


I’m wondering the same thing… if a gx390 will run those rpms that the gearbox needs, i should technically be able to upgrade my 4gpm pump to an 8gpm one even with my gx390, right ?