Pre-built vs build yourself


One thing worth mentioning is that the season is almost over. We’ll have a lull over the winter. You’ll have time to build it yourself and there are always people exiting and posting their equipment for sale. Make a plan and be ready once April comes.

Also remember that customer acquisition costs can be from 20 to 40 dollars. Your mileage will vary. Be prepared to put money into one or two advertising channels.


We will offer good advice in exchange for fishing trips.


I agree… i havent fished since my old man passed cause thats what we did… but i would be down with a fishing trip with yall jokers.


I went deep sea fishing about 50 miles out into the Gulf of Mexico. I tell you, nothing like it! All fun and games until the dolphins showed up… did any of you know that if you catch a grouper that’s 200ft below you a dolphin will pull it off the hook and eat it as soon as you get it to the surface? Because they will… anytime I buy tuna I look for ones that don’t say “dolphin safe”


Never done grouper. But i did throw up due to exhaustion from reeling in tuna and dolphin… we are talking 55 gal drums full.

Fishing is great… i just dont have the heart and desire for it anymore, actually just sold the last boat we had after 8 yeRs of the ole man being gone.


Hahaha dolphins are awesome to watch they come rite up to the boat you can almost pet them. But that also means time to move to the next spot your not catching anything if dolphins are around.


We’re did you go fishing in FL



This sir is a mistake. Learn of issues before you come across them you will learn 10 things while you search for 1. PUT FORTH THE EFFORT!


We rented a house on St George Island for 8 days. Chartered a 30 foot private fishing trip with my father in law his dad and 2 other guys.


Your right, you can and will find a lot of differing opinions on most topics on here. But keep reading and you will figure most of it out. And when you’ve researched and read everything you can and still have questions, you can ask informed questions and you will get help. Most of these guys are happy to help with questions as long as you show that you’ve researched and that. It’s a valid question. As in IBS’s response above. But I’m with everyone else, build your own rig. I have stacks of legal pads where I wrote down information on every topic. I had a section for everything I wanted to learn about so when I’d read something about down streaming for instance, I’d flip to that section and write it down. Then I’d scan through everything and it all started making sense. My rig isn’t perfect, but it works well for me and it’s mine. And I’m constantly looking at it and trying to figure out what I can do to make it better, but that’s half the fun of it. Anyway, good luck man and feel free to message me with any questions. I don’t know half of what most of these guys on here know, but I’ll gladly help you all I can or at least point you in a better direction.


I have family in apalachicola but I’ve never been up there I heard it’s nice and the fishing is great


I caught a stingray off the dock at the house. Needless to say I didn’t swim anymore after that. We may have derailed the thread. Maybe we need a fishing thread.


No kidding I’ve seen 3 or 4 people start about the same way and they get nothing but a saut off from ibs. Must be feeling charitable today.


I researched then bought a hydro tech hot water 8gpm trailer rig with 12v pump. 4 reals with 375 buffer tank and 35 chem tank. All set up to run. Best thing I could ever do.
Now a year in I’m planning to build my next rig but so happy I bought a rig set up.
10 fold paid for the rig and learned a lot of what I liked and what I would change.



That looks like a ICES rig. Hydrotek are nice machines


Thanks. It was put together in Miami. Rig has run flawless. Very happy with it


One thing that helped me was bookmarking posts. I screenshot hundreds of posts until someone mentioned the 3dots in every post. Click that and hit the badge. Now its bookedmarked. Now I go back and study all my bookmarks. Helped alot


The money is good, but the weather can completely destroy a season. Last year we had Harvey and Irma. In between the two I blew a $25,000 engine.

Cusotmers are mostly a pain. Even the nice ones will stress you out. Their goals and their skill levels don’t always align. They wear shoes that scuff your boat. They wear sunscreen that turns your fiberglass orange. Their kids drop shrimp down your rod holders and spit gum on the floor.

Sometimes they cancel on you last minute and you have to choose between keeping their deposit or believing their sob story and giving their money back.

The fish don’t care. They’ll leave you hanging in a heart beat.

But the money is great. 500 to 1k a day for 150-200 days a year. Minus a 100k boat, 10k in rods and reels, gas, insurance, maintenance, etc.

I’m sure many of these complaints translate directly into power washing, but I’m just ready for a change. I feel like the marketing and internet skills I’ve learned in the fishing world will serve me well.