Pre-built vs build yourself


Its not a sham at all. Who doesnt know its for looks?


Most of the cleaning we do is for looks. I’m not convinced that there isn’t some practical value to roof cleaning.


Lots of contractors tell homeowners it lowers utility Bill’s, saves the roof, saves their health etc. But that’s a topic for another thread


I am amazed about the depth of information here. You’re right though it does take digging and often it is confusing until you dig far enough. Also you have to account for techs with differing opinions. There’s often more than one right answer. What’s the best lure to use fishing? :slight_smile:


Most roof cleaning I do is because it’s required by the hoa to maintain the look of the home or community. Hoa’s do it because there is always homes for sale and it makes the community look better. Or better maintained I guess. Apartment community do it here just before the repaint every 7 to 10 years . They generally don’t do any cleaning of the buildings other than repainting them. Except for keeping the walkways clean but the employees do that.


I actually prefer to but used equipment. There is a crap load of complete units on the market with very low hours because there Buisness never took off. Something someone paid 18-20k for you can probably get for 10-12k ready to work especially if your will to drive a distance you really can find some amazing deals


LOL. I see what you did there.

Now if you asked if I could pick one, that’d be easy. Gold spoon… :slight_smile:


I like that idea…


@tcheek where u located?


Hi @tcheek,

I vote for building it yourself. Every time I’ve looked into a pre-built rig, I’ve been turned off by the inflexibility of the layout, the inaccessibility of the components which will need maintenance, the egregious non-DOT compliance, and/or the enormous price markup for off-the-shelf hardware.

If you build it yourself, you have the flexibility to tailor it to your own needs and preferences. Yes you will almost certainly spend some time re-arranging everything over and over, but again, it’ll be your own custom setup. When stuff breaks, you’ll be better-informed on how to fix it or where to find the parts.


Hi welcome to the PWRA. The best thing you can do right now is read as much as your daily schedule allows, there’s tons of fantastic info on here, and usually any misinformation will be called out so you’ll even learn what not to do.

I too would suggest building your rig yourself, it’s quite simple and you should have the time, since you supposedly have time to do jobs.

What Innocent bystander suggested was FANTASTIC info. Follow it to the T, from the Udor pump, to the st 2315 gun to the last bit of info.

You don’t have to mount everything yourself, once you order what you need you can have a local supplier tech do the install.

The best thing about putting everything together is that you get exactly what you should, example of you buy a “pressure washer” it may have a Honda engine but a comet pump instead of Udor.

You can search in the categories for trailer builds or supplies and equipment for specific info regarding the items IBS suggested.
Once you find a good post you can bookmark it and access the list from your profile, pm me if you want screenshots of my bookmark list.

IBS saved you a ton of reading by actually naming the items you should purchase.


Completely dito.


So if you’re a fishing guide, why the heck do you want to get into washing? Probably 1/2 the people on here would swap places with you, lol.


Maybe it doesn’t pay as good as washing? That’s a good question. Sounds like a dream job.


I’m proud of you for not going with your normal shaking my head response. :grinning:


This guy seems legit. Most are not.


@Innocentbystander you don’t use hot water on your setups?


Nope. Hot water is only needed for greasy concrete. I don’t do concrete except for some sidewalks and tons of breezeway concrete


I’ve got an apartment complex coming up with a lot of gum in the breezeways. Do you just pop gum with your turbo? I was looking into renting a hot water for the job.


Surface clean, cut in with turbo and pop gum at same time. Cold water.