Pre-built vs build yourself


The info gathered unintentionally while sifting through 990 lbs in search of the 10 is priceless and often more useful than the 10. The issue is more about the questions you dont know to ask and the answers you werent looking for.


My dad and I ran an offshore charter out of Galveston for a few years. One good storm can do you in. One big engine failure can do you in. When a turbo craps the bed and destroys an engine its a tough pill to swallow. Its great when its great


About where were you? Any red tide?


In sentiment, this is almost a direct translation of pressure washing. Great profits but a real uphill challenge to get there. Be ready to feel like every decision was the wrong one. But it is doable.


Somewhere close to here. No red tide.


You have circled the middle grounds best diving in the gulf


I’ve been researching these items individually and in doing so found a Landa dealer in Savannah. My busy season ends in a week and I think I’ll go up there and spend some time. It appears that they sell prebuilt rigs as well and that should provide an opportunity to really compare the two options side by side.

This post has been incredibly valuable as it’s helped me do focused research. It’s uncovered some new questions but ultimately made the waters much less murky.

Many thanks!


Landa is good. My local landa custom builds the machines I use and are not landa branded, if that makes sense


I ended up buying this today. Came with a surface cleaner as well. Now I’m swimming in the world of figuring out which nozzles to buy! I’ve spent so much time reading about everything except nozzles. Anyway, thought I would bring some closure to this thread. Thanks again!


Buy a m5ds nozzle 3-7 gal size. That’ll take care of 95% of your needs.