Powerline Industries monster trailer


lol… and then you get home, wrap some in bacon, throw them on the grill, and all is well after she tastes the sweet morsels of goodness.


This wasn’t the case when I was a young man. B&S were the bees knees for small engines. Perhaps they are crap now, but back in the day, you could expect 15-20 years with good maintenance schedule.


My dad says the same thing almost verbatim. But he’ll go into a nostalgic trance about how Tecumsah use to rule the roost. Never seen a Tecumsah engine in my life. Lol


They were good engines. I think they were tecumsah robbins. Wow I’m really showing my age :weary:


Lister petter is an awesome engine if ypu can find one


Subaru Robin were junk