Powerline Industries monster trailer

Hey all, I am new to the forum and looking for advice. I have already used the search bar and could not find a whole lot of material on Powerline Industries rig. I am looking at getting into the industry so any feed back on this set up would be great. As I have said I’m not in business yet but I am trying to do as much research and learn as much as I can before I jump into it head first! Thanks for your time!!

I’ve ordered one but haven’t got it yet so I’m not able to offer anything personally yet. I have talked to several people on the Facebook groups who love theirs. They aren’t necessarily cheap. Which one were you looking into?

I plan on getting the monster accessory package with it as well…

You can buy the equipment and components and assemble it yourself and save thousands. Plus you’ll have room to add additional equipment and tailor it to fit your needs as with this one you’re confined to the space available. Talk to Russ at Southside Equipment.

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I appreciate it sir. I have a lot to learn!

I definitely wouldn’t go with the 4x12 trailer. I ordered it with the larger trailer and told them how I want it so I can place a few things I want to. I definitely think it’s cheaper to build your own. Do you have a landa dealer local? The one here in Springfield is shady at best. Something else I think you should consider is if you need hot water or not. Most guys here don’t use hot water. I need it for a few things in the trucking industry. Either way it’s something you have to think about and I know I’ll get all kinds of hate for my decision lol

I didn’t realize it but there is a Landa dealer 35 miles away.

that looks professional but about 10k worth of equipment there not mounted in a way that offers effeciency

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Thanks for the info! This is why I asked the question, you all have been there and done it!

Where do you live? If you pay $20k+ for that I’ve got some beach front property in Kansas you’d love.


If you do buy that beach front property in Kansas you’ll be near Brodie’s backyard so can spend what you have left of that $20k by having him build you a custom trailer.

Depending on where he is, I may be able to help him out.

They did just raise the prices. I was one of the last to get the old price. With a few extras I spent right at 15k. I wanted more then 5.5 gpm and needed hot water. I pieced things together every time was coming up with almost 10-12k. Considering I had never put together a power washing trailer and shipping would eat me up since there really isn’t anyone local to me I spent the extra money to just get theirs. I really don’t regret it as of now. Maybe in a few months I will but it has to be better then a pressure pro hot water skid? And they aren’t cheap. Either way in 10 years it won’t really matter. Think you could send me the address to that property? I have family up there. They could swing by to check it out for me :wink:

$10-12 is a good number. The one he showed with the extra kit he got was $20+. Big difference from $15k

I am in southern Indiana

As of the beach front property in Kansas, that sounds just like I was looking for! haha.

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I’m in the beginning stages of building my trailer. I have spoken with Russ @southside equipment several times and with reclaim unit vacuum surface cleaner two 200 gallon tanks a 5.5gpm hot water unit 7.5 cold water unit 19”&24” whisper wash electric hose reels and other miscellaneous items I’ll have about 16k in mine. It’s a lot less expensive to do yourself plus you know how everything works together. It’s slowly coming together. The guy is coming this morning to do the dirt work for my shop then my focus can be on starting my build. My plan is to grow the business on my off days (Tuesday and Wednesday) while working my regular job and this time next year starting a big marketing campaign and going at it full time debt free. This can be a very rewarding business and offer the freedom to enjoy life and family but it takes work to get it there


That is my plan as well

I’ve owned two Landas in the past and they’re good machines but I’ve been renting lately and the quality doesn’t seem to be what it once was. The new Honda engine seems to want to bog down while starting. To me they’re over priced. I’ve never heard of anything negative about Hydrotek other than they can be somewhat of a pain to work on. But for the money I feel like they’re the best buy out there. My first unit was Farley back in 87. That thing was a tank and you couldn’t kill it. I drug that machine all over Alabama and abused it and it still kept going.

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