Powerline Industries monster trailer

What cca battery are you using. All my hondas take about 3 seconds on a cold start and just a bump of the key the rest of the day

I don’t know. It was a rental unit. Everyone has their own taste. I’ve always had good luck with Briggs Vanguard. I know some people hate them. I had one on a sweeper years ago that would not die

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The Vanguard engines aren’t actually made by Briggs. I wouldn’t own a Briggs. But vanguards are made by Daihatsu which is Toyota. I’ll take my chances with a Vanguard any day. The only reason the Honda’s have had such good luck is the fact that the GX series engines use an old German design that’s pretty much bulletproof.

The Vanguard thing only goes for the bigger vtwin engines. The ‘Vanguard’ Labeled Briggs in the 90s were just a Briggs engine.

I guess I got lucky. The sweeper fell apart but the engine still ran fine. I think it’s all about how good you maintain them. It’s pretty much just me so I’ll tend to baby it

I think you misunderstood me. I love the Vtwin Vanguards. I’ll take them over a Honda any day.


I like the peterbilt on your profile pic. I used to work in the KW shop here. We got a lot of Pete’s because most drivers didn’t like that shop. The jury is still out on the paccar engine. I like the isx and cat.

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Uh oh…looks like @squidskc might have a change of taste with small engines.

I never knew Toyota made them until a couple of days ago where I somehow ran across it online. I was surprised to read it. The Vangaurds were the only thing that gave Briggs their name in my mind. I’ve always been a Honda GX fan but you can’t go wrong with a Vanguard either. Both are great engines.


I ran a lot of vanguards but switched to honda due to the leaking valve cover flaw and their refusal to fix it. My local landa dealer have up his distributor license because of it.

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Thanks. We ordered it in 2016. I’ve always preferred the Cat but went with the ISX due to it being the only logical option left and the fuel mileage alone has paid for the truck. It averages 7.5mpg with an 18 speed and 3.25 rears.

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They are offering cat rebuilds in them now. The new Cummings is nice also. They had a campaign going on the fuel pumps for a while. I was replacing them it seemed like every other day. I didn’t mind though. Warranty paid 5 hours and I was doing it in 2

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450k miles and we haven’t had any issues. We thought about getting a glider with a cat. Unfortunately a lot of our loads go to California so that wasn’t an option.

California is a world all to itself. I know a lot of drivers that refuse to go there.

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Toyota has me sold on trucks. Honda has me for small engines.

I watched three BRAND NEW Vanguards fail to start when the Aaladin pressure washer sales guy was trying to convince me it was a good place to spend money. (Correction: two failed to fire, one wouldn’t stay running.)

I really think it’s because anything Briggs touches turns to dirt. :wink:

Toyota should really stop with the vanguards and make an effort to make a 1 ton Tundra.


I wonder if that had something to do with Aaladin like leaving old gas in for a year or not choking it correctly. I have a Vanguard that is over 30 years old. You barely have to choke it. You pretty much have to pull it out and instantly push it right in. If you don’t push that choke in right away it won’t start. It starts up in a split second every time though. Even with that engine I still prefer Honda.

I’d feel the same way as you if I got that same sales pitch. What a joke.

I don’t know if Toyota will ever build a 1 ton. The way they see it is they could use that same material and make like 6 cars for use in Japan. All vehicles are mini over there.

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I don’t hate Honda’s. I’ve got a Husqvarna 4 cycle weed eater that says on the side of the block it’s a Honda and their AWD push mower that has a Honda on it. Both have been excellent.

I think after Ford dropping most of their cars and Chevy about to do the same they won’t bother with it. It will affect their overall mpg rating with the government. That’s why Dodge and Ram ‘split’

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Ford actually came out recently and said they’re basically done building cars. They’re only going to focus on trucks and SUVs. Which I think is a great business move. Because nobody sells more trucks in America than Ford.

But if Toyota America realized how many half ton tundra fans there are dying for a 1 ton tundra I think they could make a killing. It might actually be a vehicle I buy new AND finance.

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30 years ago briggs had a good product

6 or 7 years ago honda had crap 2 cylinder engines. Things change. I stay constant lol.

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They just keep trying to design an engine with cheaper and cheaper parts. Sounds like that cheaper part bites them in the rear every now and then.

That sounds like the key to a long marriage. If we change then the wife’s expectations will change too and that’s bound to cause arguments or, at the very least, a nagging wife.

Since Sept 3, 1993. Learn from my mistakes. Never get married on the first Saturday in Sept. Every 7 years opening day of dove season falls on your anniversary and they don’t like it when you call from the field to say Happy Anniversary