Power washing machine


Is this a decent starter machine? What about the company BCE? Thanks.


I’m not very familiar with Kohler engines so I would lean towards Honda powered which it looks like you have selected for $5,195. I’d be inclined to spend a few hundred more for more power and key start since I absolutely HATE pull starting ANYTHING. Other than that, I’m sure it’s a capable unit that will make money if taken care of. Some will say the General pump is garbage and I don’t necessarily agree. Sure, there are better pumps but I’d take a General over and AR anyday. Do you need heat?


only problem Im aware of with kohler engines is the fuel pump, but theres a way to use the gx690 type pump with it now and that is like $70 cheaper.


I thought it would be good to have heat it if I did some commercial work or needed it in the future, instead of buying a hotbox in the future. I’m sure the heat helps with flat surfaces too. I was going with the 8gpm 3200 psi unit Honda unit. Do you like the comet pump? I think that same unit without heat is 1300 cheaper. They would be putting the rig together for me. Thanks fir your input, appreciate it.


The model picked out is an electric start machine, no pulling here.


So it is. I would still opt for the GX690 for the extra juice. Either way, it will be something that a guy could make money with especially having the heat function.


Something is off with this. That is way too cheap for an 8gpm hot water machine. I would be cautious if I were you. Even some of the cheaper 8 gpm hot water machines are close to 7 grand. I’m guessing it’s a really cheap burner their using.


Depends on what you mean by starter. What type of work are you doing? Are you established and just getting into hot water power washing or brand new to pressure washing in general and assume you need Hot? What’s your budget? What assets do you have currently? What are your goals.

We have one 14’ tandem Axel trailer. Both pressure pro models. One 4gpm by 4000psi. Another 8gpm 3500 psi both Hondas. To my understanding it’s easy to add the extra pressure pro hotbox to the eight and they work seamlessly. If I really got into commercial sidewalks, restaurants, graffiti, public areas, I would just add the hot. But for almost all our work now we don’t need it.


Exactly my thoughts. I just bought a Pressure pro skid for nearly 7k. Looking at these prices I was thinking I got a bad deal but I did a good bit of research.


Yeah starting out in pressure washing, I’ve have a window cleaning company for the past 25 years and thought I’d add this and try something different. I get asked often about pressure washing. I did some minor pressure washing 15 years ago. Thought I’d get some decent equipment, trying to stay at 8,000 and under. BCE Cleaning Systems has me in a 5x10 trailer 8 gpm 3200 psi, 225 buffer tank, 2 summit reels, 25 gallon chemical tank, 200’ hp hose, 100’ gh, DS setup, winterizing package, spare tire, aluminum storage box, wand and gun, all plumbed and mounted with free delivery. 8125.00 all new. Thought it was a decent deal.


They use 12v Beckett burner. I’ve asked around with ones that own these brands and seem to be satisfied for the value built in them. Not the best I know, but will make you some money I’m sure, a good starter rig. Thanks for your reply.


:+1: nice


Wait so you already paid for it? Their Google reviews are not great and I remember reading somewhere that they changed the name of their company because they had such a bad reputation for making bad quality stuff. IDK could be misremembering things. Regardless, there have to be some compromises being made when you’re getting a full turnkey trailer setup with hot water and delivery for less than what most pay for just a hot water unit itself. Hope it works out but don’t surprised when you get what you paid for.


Yes I seen the couple of reviews, asked JimLuke here on the site, he has one, said he likes no issues. No I haven’t ordered yet. Thanks for your input though.


Definitely going to want a tandem axle trailer. Your going to be wearing out tires and hubs in no time on a single axle.


Yeah, I would like that but my garage will only handle 10’ single axle. Most doubles start out at 12’ or 14’. We’re not allowed to leave the trailer outside in our subdivision. Not much I can do.


Get a 12’ tandem, cut off 2’, move the axles forward 1’?

Or, camouflage the trailer as a shed… :smirk:


:smile: can’t have outbuildings either (sheds). One of those things, not much we can do.


You can upgrade that to 5200lb. I’m doing that to my tandem right now. Hubs are aggravating. Then just throw you some better tires that will hold up. I replace trailer tires every couple months.


Okay, didn’t know that. Thanks for the suggestion.