Power washer brand

Water cannon?? Good or bad I’m upgrading to 5 GPM at 4k?? If not what is a good pressure washer if your going to drop coin on a new one

What do you need 4k of pressure for?



Well don’t really…That’s just the one I found

How much you want to spend? Looking for hot water or cold?

Could you elaborate? What’s your budget actually like?

The one @Innocentbystander linked to looks like an awesome machine, with some very durable components. That’s the one I’d drop coin on if I did a lot more power washing than I do now.

But if your budget is tighter at the moment, the Pressure Pro 5.6 @ 2500 from KEC or PressureWashStore is a respectable option.
You can keep your 4@4000 direct drive as a backup, or in case you need more pressure for some reason.

Edit: nevermind. Found it :rolling_eyes:

Side question for you:

Do you know where I can find that right angle block fitting that’s underneath the unloader? I’d like to take my unloader off the pump, per your recommendation in another thread. But I don’t even know what that thing is called so I can search for it. Thanks!

Use JIC fittings to connect unloader. Makes it easy to change out.


I like that one and the price is good thanks

I’ve had Kohler, briggs, honda and lister petter motors. Iister is by far the best but it’s hard to get parts for. Always udor pumps. I have 9 of the ones in my link. Absolute work horses.

So if I have a surface cleaner that’s rate for 4k how is that going work and a hot box that’s rated the same will the PWS CONTRACTOR SERIES BELT DRIVE 5.6@2500 still be able to use them

The 4k just means the max pressure that the swivel/hose can handle. Does not mean it needs 4k to operate. GPM is what “floats” the surface cleaner and cleans faster.

Also giving a dollar amount on how much you willing to spend helps narrow down options.
At 5gpm at 4k machine im guessing thats running a v twin motor so easily over $2500 (new) If i was going to buy another machine i would go 8gpm @3500. These run from $3400+ for a cold, about $6500+ for a hot machine. If you opt for the udor than the one “Innocent” posted is great.

Should those be brass, as well? I’m having a tough time finding brass jic/npt adapter fittings

Probably won’t find those in brass but they aren’t connected to the pump so you’ll be ok. Grainger might have them. If thou can’t find them message me your address and I’ll send you a set. I’ve got a bin full of them. I get them from my local guy.

Can a gx390 pull 5.5 @ 2500 belt driven

Yes. EB5525HG 5.5 GPM @ 2500 PSI GX390 Honda GP Pump

I found a 5.6 GPM at 2500 psi the brand is eagle exactly like that with a general pump on it

This is the one I found

Yeah, that’s the Pressure Pro I linked to (maybe some slight differences by request of the reseller, who has apparently rebranded it for their store). It’s in their ‘Eagle’ model series.

Is a pretty good unit to add to my arsenal??