Possible Oxidation before soft wash?

I need some advice on how to fix something like this. I’m guessing there was oxidation before. And me being newer it’s one of the learning curves I’m experiencing. Can someone point me in the right direction to fix this issue?
Thank you!

That’s after you cleaned?

I softwashed the house with an xjet

Have a before picture?

That doesn’t look like oxidation, it looks like it just didn’t get cleaned well enough the first time. X-jet not pulling strong enough, mix too weak, dwell too short, something like that.

Agreed that or you didn’t rinse. Unless you were using a degreaser like dawn as a surfactant soft washing shouldn’t disturb any oxidation

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I used limonnator never dawn not strong enough surfactant. Going to try red raider to remove it

I don’t think you understood what @Jake_Lambert was saying. It’s still dirty. You either weren’t getting a strong enough mix down or you didn’t let it dwell long enough. Look right below the shingle line. That’s still filthy too. You don’t normally see oxidation issues with the J trim. On the siding itself you can see where your mix ran down and did some cleaning. See the drip marks or runs? That’s clean. The rest of it isn’t. You don’t need Red Raider. It’s a degreaser. You just need to either figure out your mix or let it dwell. Keep applying every 10 minutes until it disappears. Don’t rinse until it looks like most of it is gone.

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I did go back today and let it dwell for 5 mins and did a heavy rinse afterwards. I went to an area I didn’t even touch and ram my finger it had oxidation for sure. Not sure if you’ve checked out John Lange on YouTube he has good tips and videos. His situation in one of the videos is pretty identical with which was going on with my situation. I’ve washed dozens of houses and have never had an issue like this.

Also on that surface there was nothing on it to begin with besides the oxidation.

Forget my comment on the J trim. I didn’t realize it was wood.

Almost all siding has oxidation so you’ll see it on your finger if you wipe your finger on it. You could rub your finger on most houses that come out perfect after washing and you’ll see oxidation. The idea is not to disturb it but it does happen on occasion. Five minute dwell time isn’t very long. If your regular house wash mix did that you might be able to go back with a stronger mix to fix it. I would use Gutter Grenade or Cleansol BC. You can down stream Cleansol BC and requires very little brushing. Red Raider is okay for stuff but there are better options out there for oxidation removal.

Is it vinyl or aluminum siding?

All good man,

It is wood siding (Hardy wood) this is in only in the areas where the sun is exposing it. I feel like it’s my duty to fix this for free and not charge him for my soft washing service. What do you think?

Definitely ,if you messed it up you pay for it.

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So you think Cleansol BC would work to fix this?

It makes sense now knowing that it’s Hardi Board. Oxidation from vinyl to hardi board is similar but very different. No chemical is going to fix it. It needs repainted. When doing any painted surface you have to do a test area with a spray bottle. I usually use about 4% just to test. Find an inconspicuous area to spray. If 4% doesn’t hurt it your house wash mix surely won’t. If it does anything to it you either don’t use SH or you walk away. Some paints have organic pigments and react with SH. That’s what happened here. Normally when you disturb oxidation on vinyl it looks more splotchy. Your picture above shows runs in the paint. Time to call a painter to fix it.

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I’ve only been doing this a little while but come to detest Hardie Board…even with my window cleaner hat on.

Not calling a painter just yet

Wait. So the areas that look clean aren’t spots where your mix actually cleaned, you’re saying it’s where oxidized paint was running down in drips? Is there like a paint-colored moat around the base of that wall now?

So in the areas with only sun this is the issue, on the parts of his house where there’s shade. There’s no oxidation. I know this because I did a test there. Also on the roof where I didn’t get house washing it. There’s siding and it’s chalky up there.

Did you happen to forget to rinse that side after applying the soap?

Thats not oxidation.

Thats a reaction to either too strong of a mix, or a paint reaction itself.