Pool Deck Surface

I have a pool deck that i’m quoting. It is concrete with spray on aggregate. Has anyone used a surface cleaner on a surface like this without damaging it?

Im pretty sure there was a pretty recent thread on this with a bit of discussion.

Pre/Post and little easier on pressure would be my approach.

I searched but did see that thread.

Yes.I pre treated with 3% Aggitated with push broom for 20 minutes…rinsed…Pre treat again 3%…then pressure 1500 PSI with 40 degree tip ( really just rinsing but hitting stubborn areas and making it look uniform. Post treat.

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appreciate the info.

Not as recent as i thought

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How do they spray on the aggregate…what type sprayer will spray rocks?

I’m assuming something similar to a cement sprayer. Is aggregate sprayed on?

I don’t think so…every time I have seen it done, concrete was poured and then the aggregate was manually spread out on top of the wet concrete and then a roller or some type trowel was used to push it into the concrete.

Is this what you mean, Kool Deck?
If so, the manufacture recommends no more than 1500psi( we called to make sure).
Also i would not run a surface cleaner over this, we used to but would always make some spots worse where it was thinly applied. We now xjet the entire area, then use a pump with a stronger mix in really bad spots. Let it sit while also using a push broom to get the solution into the pores a little (also gives us something to do, so we are not just sitting around if they are looking out the window). Next use the wand at around 800psi to rinse all of the solution off, and in really bad spots get a little personal with it. I hate doing kool deck, because it takes more time not being able to use the surface cleaner, and even when clean it looks dirty when wet. I charge more for this kind of material.

That definitely helps. I may have priced myself out of the work but I’m fine with that.