Plumbing help

The trash collects on the inside of the screen not the outside???

I think I just had a brain fart lol nope mine must be optimized for flow and they have a inlet and outlet because why else would that happen

The clear ones don’t come with any reinforcement on the screen itself like the Hypro has so you can basically see through the entire thing so if there’s something large stuck in there you can see it. For the finer stuff you can’t really see anything until you pull the screen out to clean it but hell at that point you might as well clean it anyhow lol

Hey, one problem we never have :tada:

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Lol better watch out. I was on here talking these clear filters up and here I am with two brand new filters that leak like a sieve. Karma is a fickle lady :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Nope, don’t use them…one problem avoided :rofl:

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You don’t filter whatsoever? Or your filters are pre-buffer?

I posted ours above…Banjo Y-filters. Solid construction. Ours aren’t particularly vulnerable, but not mounted or anything either, so they bang around a little bit. No issues.

Ah, that’s right. You meant you don’t use these particular filters. Gotcha

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I bought it right after you recommended. Thanks man

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YMMV, we had those jar filters on our old trailer and they outlasted the trailer itself, but that was a whole other thread :rofl: