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I put this 1” barb on my much thinking that it was what I needed for my 1”ID spa hose (plumbed from buffer tank).

Planned on getting a banjo filter that would filter water between the tank and my machine.

I thought I was right lol and someone who has a company has been helping and told me it was wrong

last year I had a 4gpm machine so this is my first time plumbing things up for my new machine

Please give me a hand on EXACTLY what I need because I thought I was right

I can’t say if it’s right or wrong, could be wholly unnecessary, but we have essentially what you described, with this filter inline just as you described and it functions fine. Granted I paid less than 1/2 that price when we built these skids 2 years ago…

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You are right. Use whatever fitter you like somewhere between the track and you King nipple. What @JAtkinson suggested or these


The one thing I like about the Ys (I haven’t tried it, and assuming I’m reading the CAD drwgs correctly) is that the thumb knob on the end should act as a cleanout, so if I make that our handwash/drain hose our filters will always be clean… :joy:

Check the filter screen size too, I think we run 20 mesh in ours IIRC

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is there a certain “mesh count” that I should be using for a 5.5 gpm 3000 psi machine?

not familiar with them. I see different mesh numbers being sold

As long is the mesh is small enough to catch a June bug or a maple leaf you’re good to go.


80 mesh is the best of both worlds

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Once we have something settled, I just reorder whatever I bought last time…but if I recall I was told to get something between 20 & 50 (or maybe it was 80). I ordered whatever I found first that fell within the range I was told, and will just reorder that if needed.

You should see the type of sand/grit particle size you can pass through a 20 or even 50 mesh size. All which will SCUFF the ceramic plungers and wreck the HP and LP packings. I would run 100 mesh if I could but you have to babysit it so it doesn’t clog

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I use the ones that IBS linked above. They work well and I like the clear bowl versus the banjo filters where you have to take it apart to see if it needs cleaned. Running one on the 8gpm and the 5.5gpm.

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The clear bowls leak. They usually crack after you loosen and tighten a few times

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No issues with cracking or leaking with the two I have. I did have one crack that got accidentally left outside one winter though.

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Although to be honest, I very rarely have to clean my filters. I don’t fill from hydrants and the water around me is very clean. Think I may be cleaned them three times all last year.

We have to clean ours out at least three times a week

Ours may not have been cleaned since we put them on 2 years ago…but then Dez says it’s all just going through our machines anyway, so probably nothing to clean, lol

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Ekkk I didn’t hear that lol

LOL I spoke too soon. Fired up my machines today and wouldn’t you know it both of those filters from PressureTek are leaking. Not leaking from any of my connections but from the little pot metal crimped pieces. I have to say, I can no longer recommend these as I know for a fact that nothing I did could have compromised them. Both are brand new although one has been sitting on the shelf for a year or so but still.

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A little bag balm on the threads goes a long ways on those filter housings :rofl:

Already got some new ones any they’re polypropylene so if this rain will ever slow down I’m going to pull it outside and drain the tank and redo the filters…again. Haven’t heard anything back from PressureTek about these brand new filters leaking but they’re on eastern time so maybe I’ll hear something tomorrow. Not really holding my breath with them. I haven’t had quite the customer service experience with them that IBS receives and I hate the fact that they won’t speak with anyone on the phone. I’ve always bought whatever I could from them but I’ll probably start looking elsewhere.

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