Pics of your most hysterical competitors

Post the most hysterical competitors.IMG950815
South Jersey


God, I wish I would’ve had the sense to take a picture of mine the other day. I was too busy laughing hysterically to the point of tears. Good times. Good times.

Bill sorry. I didnt have time to get the wrap on the truck. Lol


That number comes back to this …I guess the wig holder business isnt doing to well


He must be an entrepreneur.

What’s a wig hanger?!

Good question. Lol

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Coat hanger for wigs? Seems like a genius idea, pick yourself out your wig for the day before leaving the house.

Yeah, but are they bleach resistant?

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There’s a local competitor to me claiming a surface cleaner is his “patented tool”… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


A few companies around here advertise they will hand scrub every square inch of your siding. :sweat_smile: just did a window cleaning job the other day and the customer had told me they had hired another company for the house wash cuz they were half our price and scrubbed all the siding by hand ha I felt bad I had to ask if it had been done yet


You need to one up them and offer to do it with a tooth brush.

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To be fair he could have just been transporting a personal washer. Either way it caught my attention.

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Just ran across this today, I couldn’t afford insurance for that price lmao

I wont slander the guy, never even seen or met him. But he does ads on FB.

Im in Chesapeake, ad said he will travel to Richmond (90 min drive) for an extra $10.

Have multiple bigger companies around me that claim the same as well

He should just stay home for those prices. How can you even break even at those rates?

Probably doesn’t have high-end equipment, fancy vehicle or big trailer. When I first moved to KY and had to get a WC foothold, we were doing 20 windows for $89 coupons through Angie’s List. Darn near killed us but it got us referrals.

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Either way its easier and more profitable to get a regular job then work at those rates.


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