Paver help

Alot of work… a turbo probably would have helped. Should be fine for sanding next day (unless you’re way in north Canuckia, but I didn’t think you were). Letting polymeric harden properly before sealing it is probably more important to me. As long as the surface isn’t catching/hardening your polymeric you’ll be fine. I’d prefer joint sand with a joint hardening sealer (plus it saves a trip in almost every case). That will make a nice B&A for marketing (assuming you want more of that sort of work).


So when we were sweeping the poly sand in, surprise! some sprinklers come out of the ground and start spraying around the patio! That was not expected. Luckily the sand didn’t get more than a few drops and we were ok. Also you never saw a guy run so fast to throw an empty bucket over a sprinkler. But we’ll ask about eventual sprinklers next time even if none can be seen…


Haha I was actually thinking about sprinklers the other day when I was out in the “nice” neighborhood… haven’t run into it yet but a good reminder to make sure they aren’t I. Timers for the next morning/etc especially when sealing as well!

Mine run at 4am, super early is when they should run. Middle of the day is a waste of water

Yea but when I’m applying sand or sealer that needs to remain dry for 24 hours it makes a difference.

Thanks for your help guys the customers are very happy with the work and it was a learning experience for us. Got a few quotes to do on that street now…

Edit: oh yeah the biggest trouble i had was big bushes overhanging the pavers and making it extremely unpractical to get those areas done. Especially with some type of tiny needles falling off constantly, thousands of them like it’s snowing. I thought maybe wrapping bushes with tyvek next time? Can they safely stay wrapped for 2 days? Any better ideas?