Parking Lot Cleaning (dream tools)


How cool is this thing! This is not intended to be a super useful thread. Just wanted to share! I have thought about building a spray bar for the front of my truck. I could market parking lot “rinsing” around here after winter is over. Just a spray to knock the salt and dirt off.


You should totally do this. How much do you think you could clean with your on board tank, though?


18 minutes worth lol. So I am going to build a spray bar that quick attaches to my plow. Then I can angle it left and right and up down. This way I can control the way the water is pushed!


Take a huge tank id imagaine. But that thing is pretty awesome looking.

I could use one today for myself… its HOT as can be today.


If I wanted I could pull a trailer and pump it into my tank as I go. If it was a large open lot a trailer wouldn’t be a problem.


Be careful where the water ends up


For sure! I have some large factories I plow that have gravel all around the concrete parking lot. Would be an easy job.


No Chems used…not using hot water to remove oil and grease you are good. No reclaim needed

What you’d be doing is the same thing when it rains…rinsing away dirt and salt


How much pressure can you actually get out of those nozzles?


depends how many tips you want to run and how many gallon per minute you want coming out of each tip.

I am going to start with 5 nozzles #2 so I should be at 2500 psi 8gpm

I will buy a few different fan degrees so I can see what offers the best coverage.


Do you think this will work better then a street sweeper with a vac


No but I think it will be usable for some of my plow accounts. I have a few asphalt apartment complexes and a few large factories that it would go wonders for.

Around here the street sweepers don’t really use pressure. They just have a few steams that loosen stuff up for the broom and rinse a little.

The biggest thing I will have a problem with is finding a remote controlled ball valve for 2500 psi that wont cost me a small fortune. But then again I haven’t even looked lol


It wouldn’t be a big deal to run the line through the back window and out the passenger window but 2 things come to play here.

1 is what if the line blows inside my truck?

2 if I want to meet the silica dust standard for new construction cleanup I would need to be in a realitivly sealed cab.


Cut a hole back of cab floor board and put in a rubber gourment.

Do you think it would be more effective to advertise and line up the jobs and just rent a sweeper truck from United ?

18 minutes on large flat surfaces won’t get you far


If its a large flat surface I can pull a trailer with 600 gallons of water. nearest united is 79 miles away and they charge me $250 each way for delivery. They deliver my backhoes when we get good storms.


I’m envisioning a cable-actuator, like what they have for chute control on a snowblower. Have that run inside the cab, and have it adapt to a standard ball valve outside


I like buttons lol


I am still fearful that the line could blow inside the cab. I have Icom radios, salt controller, and plow controller that I could see costing me what I would make a year rinsing a few lots.


No guts no glory :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


safety… who needs it lol