Parking Lot Cleaning (dream tools)


They don’t call him Shafety Fertz for nothing!


Why wud it have to go thru cab of truck? I know it would make it easier…


To start and stop the water without wasting when you don’t need it. Kinda like plowing. You don’t always leave the blade down. Gotta pick it up and back up.


Oh, so you can access valve to shut off.

Im an idiot.


Dream tool: a good subcontractor. I hate flatwork. Lol


I imagine a hose running from the bed of the truck along the outside of your truck across the drivers side door all the way to the front of the truck, but with an st 2315 on QCs, so you stick your arm out the window and press the trigger when you need the water flow


How do I open the door with a hose in the way though? Lol


I’d be loose, hence my curvy lines.
You could also run it over your roof but the same concept


I have found it much easier to go hoseless. Radio Shack, if you can find one open, sells a variable channel wireless D17 modulating transmitter/receiver. It only takes a little tweaking and you can mount the transmitter on the pump and the receiver on a trigger gun. Instant water without having to lug around the hose. Further you get from the pump the more water flow you will lose, but not much. At 200 feet from the pump I lose about a half gallon of volume. Definitely worth it considering not having to pull hose around


Order placed! I will make a video and post when I get it installed! Thanks @Innocentbystander


That is how I run my jump hose to my softwash line and it’s a pain!


I’m intrigued by IBS’s recommendation, looking forward to that video


Your a Savage :joy::rofl::joy::rofl: the funniest thing ibs ever said he told someone to pull out the grey dip stick on the motor and put the dawn in there for maximum bubbles ahahah


Is this @squidskc coke vending machine truck.


Nevermind if i remember right he always has a 55gallon drum of dawn dish soap on his rigs. :wink: