Painted Roof Tiles Mix (Softwash)

Hey lady’s and gentlemen, I have been getting a lot of customers with painted roofs (barrel, S and flat tile) and I am doing both soft wash and power washing but more on the soft washing for roofs. I have been running into issues where my chemical mix doesn’t absorb as well vs non painted (sticks) but it still cleans but takes more passes and waiting. I use a 30% chlorine and a 10% soap and rest water, type of soap i am using is called green wash from softwash system. I normally get fresh chlorine every other day. I feel like i don’t need to crank up the soap because it does clean really well after I am done.

I am getting a lot of run off is there a soap or a added component I can add to my mix to help me get less run off (stick).


I know you said you domt think you need more soap but if you want more cling than more soap is what you need. Buy a surfactant specifically designed for roofs or jist use more of what youre currently using.

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Ok thanks but I saw in one of you conversation that you soft wash as well what kind of mixer do you apply to your process?

I love Green Wash, but you only need to add 1oz per gal. If you want something stickier, I use Snotmenade from Russ at Southside. good bit cheaper too. You’re in Florida. Power wash Products up in Clearwater has a product called Slo MO that’s gotten rave reviews from a lot of guys in Fl. It’s thick.


Painted tile roofs are really common all over Florida. The chemical can’t absorb in to the tile like most roofs . Best bet is multiple light coats with minimal soap . Painted tile will be very slick with normal soap ratios so be careful


Yes you are right green wash is a a wonderful product to use! but as you mention the other products do you add anything to your mix to enhance your soap to make it stick? Or do you think i should mix a little bit of the slo mo wash green wash from two different connectors?

I domt think theres really any reason to mix two different surfactants. They serve the same purpose after all.


Don’t need both


@Racer I saw that you use 8-10 oz of greenwash in your ds mix and 1oz here but I had an epiphany the other day. I only ds before and the rep at softwash systems told me to only use 1oz per gal in my mix and so that’s what I did for ds all season. Then I recently got a real 12v setup and been mixing for roof using 1oz per gal. Hit me that it is 1oz of green wash per gallon of liquid period on 12v but if I put only 1oz per gal in my ds mix and it’s 10 to 1 I’m only using 1oz of green wash per 10 gallons of liquid. Is that right? I think I’ve been way low on surfactant this whole time! Is my thinking correct? If so can’t wait to see what 10oz of greenwash does per gallon of hw mix…

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Exactly right. You may be able to get by with a little less, say 7-8oz for your hw mix since the 1oz per gal direct on a roof is a little more soapy than you might want on a hw mix, but just experiment and see.

The Greenwash gets pretty expensive when you start downstreaming it. If you’re making up 10 gal of hw mix then you’re talking $23 worth of soap. Reason I just use it on my higher end homes. With the Elemonator I’d only use about 20oz total for same suds and it runs about $.19 per oz versus about .22/per oz on the greenwash so that’s only about $4.00 for soap but then I do have to use a slightly stronger SH mix with the Elemonator so that offsets some of the soap savings.


Wow so maybe that’s why I use so much sh when ds. I found I always had to mix a straight sh with greenwash and terra wash mix and would spray the crap out of houses to get them clean! If I had been using the correct amount then it probably would have worked way better and faster huh? And probably could have mixed water with the sh and not made 5 gal buckets of pure sh to ds but went at least half and half water and sh?

So to confirm, you use 7-8 oz of greenwash per gallon of mix but only need 2oz per gallon of elemonator in your mix? Basically elemonator is 4-5x more concentrated?