Paint is Coming Off Doors!

I have had two doors this week that were damaged when I washed the houses. One was a front door and one was a side entrance but both had storm doors in front of them. No pressure was used but a few minutes after the wash hit them the paint started to streak and come off. In both cases I was down streaming with 1 part 12.5% SH 1 part H2O and Elemonator. Other painted surfaces were not effected. Any idea on what may cause this and how I can avoid it?

Could be interior paint on an exterior door. I see that quite often around where I’m at.


Am I reading that as about 6% hitting the surface? If so from my limited reading that’s awfully heavy for house wash. More super heavy roof wash strength.
As for the doors it could be several things, from interior paint being used outside because “the storm door will protect it” to touch chemicals, or just heat and uv breakdown

Sounds like he a ds’d a 50/50 mix.

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Yeah my reading comprehension was lacking on that one, totally skipped over the ads part.

What color were the doors? There are some Sherwin Williams paint that has been known to do that.

Go back the next day and take a look. Sometimes it looks like they’re streaking but are just fine once they dry. Or, could you actually see the colored water and know the paint was washing off?


I’ve had it happen a few times with white doors. Usually the paint is old and oxidized and white is very forgiving. Lucky for me.

One was red and one was blue. I do not recall if there was colored water but you could scrape the paint off with your finger and in some spots it was just sliding off. Both doors were painted in the past year I believe.

Do not spray bleach on red, blue, green brown paint or vinyl

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Thank you for the reply. I have not seen this mentioned anywhere else. I am relatively new to this and have largely been trusting advice from my local pressure works store but I am under the impression that, if properly diluted, SH should be safe to use on just about anything. Is this not correct? Do you not use bleach when any part of the home has paint or colored vinyl? I imagine that would be pretty restricting as most homes have colored shutter, doors, trim, etc. Thank you again for your input.

Heads up. If @Innocentbystander says you shouldnt spray those colors, then you shouldn’t spray those colors. I dont know how long he’s been doing this but he’s full of really good information. And he’s also full of good comebacks. They’re hysterical sometimes

Edit: not saying you cant do it. Saying it’s probably in your best interest not to


Where did you get this advice? Your pressure washer store? That’s bad advice.

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What do you suggest using on these colors then??

Nothing. Don’t wash them

Just walk away? What would you tell someone in this situation? Thank you in advance!

You will make more money and have less headache walking away from some things


Happened to me today, everything went great on the house, but on the deatched garage the black paint on the fascia came right off as if it was water… ???
Edit: i mean running off in liquid form, not paint flakes.

Every problem has a solution. I appreciate your input and certainly understand that sometimes walking away can be the best option. In this case I think I need to learn the correct way to do it, as I am not willing to turn down all buildings with colored vinyl or paint. Looking forward to other opinions.

Well you don’t have to. You can do whatever you want. It was just advice


Small sections could be scrubbed by hand. Big ones too if you charge accordingly! It does work and doesn’t take as long as you would think. For those situations.
Using brushes on telescopic poles.