Oxidation, avoid or clean

If someone’s vinyl has some kind of algae or something on it where they want me to clean it but there’s oxidation, can really low pressure soft washing be ok? Or will the SH cling to the oxidation and leave stains? People seem to have mixed opinions on this.

My dude, I’m really rooting for you. I am. But just typing in “oxidation” brings up over 50 hits in the search bar. Your presence is welcome here, it’s a safe place to learn and grow. Right now it’s coming off like you think your time is more important than others’.
Reading through old posts is time-consuming, and you don’t get a direct answer to the exact question you want answered; I get that. But you’ll learn even more digging through it all and reading, reading, reading.
The people that know the most on here have spent years perfecting their craft, and give their knowledge freely. Professionals come on here in their free time to help others, and that’s a really cool thing. Don’t take the knowledge that’s already here for granted


See, you’re completely off and you’re stuck in that mindset, I’ll say it again “People seem to have mixed opinions on this”. If you have a problem don’t moderate my posts, I understand what you’re saying but I’m taking no one for granted if someone’s willing to answer with a quick sentence out of their hours on here I appreciate it and that’s it. I just looked and I read 11 threads on oxidation and yes I could do more but I’m asking a specific question on people’s opinions, I’ll not post as much but it’s not like I’m just hearing a term and thinking “OOooOo Oxidation that forum has people that will respond I’m going to take away their time to explain everything in perfect detail” haha, I don’t take it for granted my man.

Deaf ears, my friend. He and bleach blaster are two peas in a pod.


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Me and bleach blaster are two peas in a pod

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No you’re stuck in a mindset and stubborn to hear truth

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The funniest thing I’ve seen on here in the past year is Jrod coming in out of the corner to make sure we knew it wasn’t him.


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Oxidation gets disturbed by pressure, if it’s bad enough it can even be just the pressure from a garden hose. When you see oxidation, the best thing you can do is tell the client the worst case scenario, splotchy crappy looking siding. Tell them there’s a possibility that if it happens, you MAY be able to fix it for additional cost using a scrub brush and degreaser, but it will be exorbitantly expensive. Never, ever, ever, wash an oxidised surface without insurance.

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