Oxidation, avoid or clean



Thank you! That’s way more accurate

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Based off of what I read the degreaser and WFP is a resort and should never come to it but if you’re going to work on oxidized vinyl use very low pressure and a lower solution. Thank you for your input.

No problem. I learned it from reading through old posts here


Wait there’s other posts on here?

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I’m always here. I just don’t talk. Just here to read and learn.

That said…
Even I can’t take this guy!

I do feel a lot of times newbies get mistreated but…
This guy just doesn’t get it at all.

I was literally rooting for innocentbystander to sick him!


Learn the story before you say false things. We were attacked with sticks for protecting our neighborhood and eventually turned the page on them and yes those boys took a beating. They literally moved out of town in a matter of days. They also beat a guy with a hammer and robbed him at the local car wash before that situation.
Was 20 years ago and I have no regrets. Would do it again if needed but prob a little too old and out of shape today.
Its a small town and no police protection. Sometimes good folks have to stand up and take on the bad folks to protect others in the community. That’s what happened that night!
Think of it what you wish.

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LOL whatever you say, bud.

What’d I do! ;(

Wow that’s crazy!