Orange Stains on Siding

I could use a little help with this one. I washed a house today using 12.5% SH and fresh wash. When I was getting ready to leave I notice that these stains have appeared in a couple of places. At first I thought it was just dirt leeching out but after trying to re-rinse no luck. Anybody got any ideas? The customer hasn’t complained but I want to get out front on
this. Thanks!


I just returned from a call back for something similar today. Job has been finished for a week. I did this particular job without doing a walk around with the customer during the estimate. I killed all the mildew. Sulfur stains were left behind from irrigation. I just cleaned it in 15 minutes, but it wasn’t part of the initial agreement. There was a close call this week of a couple saying I was responsible for heat damaged siding from their grill being too close. Thankfully I had a photo of the area in between a picket and a corner board from before I started. Moral of the story is I’m ready to start working with contracts. Cleaning those stains are extra. Sometimes they are camouflaged pretty good behind all of the dirt and mildew. If you point it out and give them the option beforehand it is kind of hard for them to bring it up later.

I’ve seen it happen once before and it definately wasnt pre existing. Customer didnt care about it though because it was hidden by a tree

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I don’t think this was there before either, will the oxalic take it off?

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Definitely worth a try

This will happen sometimes due to bugs carrying dirt behind the vinyl siding. If a little water gets up in there it can drain like that, sometimes even an hour or two later. Usually you can remove it by using a very slightly damp brush and just lightly touch it and it will come right off. Be careful if there’s oxidation on the siding, because the brush could remove the oxidation leaving you with an even bigger problem. In that case, just barely soap the area and rinse from a distance. Allow the “arc” of the water to come down onto that area of siding vs. standing under it or off to the side.

If that doesn’t work, it’s probably a rust stain that was preexisting. Like John mentioned, oxalic will remove it.

It looks just like dried dirt from weep holes. Do what Micah said and resoap it. I would even just use a pump up sprayer or trigger sprayer if its low enough and gently brush it with a soft brush and a garden hose. Don’t even break out the pressure washer.

OneRestore on these in the pictures. Not sure if it’s the same thing. It’s probably a good idea to keep an assortment of soaps on the truck or trailer at all times. Be able to diagnose and remedy on the spot.

Yeah, I tried a pump up sprayer thinking it was dirt. It’s definitely a stain I even sprayed reg 6% bleach on it and no luck it’s not coming off.

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I thought of one restore but as you mentioned, I didn’t have it with me and I was 45 minutes from shop. I’ll give it a try.

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At what dilution would you apply it to vinyl?

F9 BARC at 1:1 those will be gone in 10 seconds. You’ll use about a cup of product for all of that. WCR sells it.

Here’s basically the same thing but much much worse. This was 20 year old rust and other stains on the inside of a pool.


That’s pretty impressive. Is the rust coming from the nails that fasten the siding to the wall or the screws holding the shutters?

If it’s dirt that was stuck behind the siding it should have come off pretty easily. If there is any metal (screws, nails, staples, tacs, etc) that they used to mount the vinyl they could be rusting. This creates a light rusting on the vinyl.

Here’s a few more pics. All were removed in seconds.

I’ve been meaning to get my hands on some F9. I’ll be making an order now I’m nearly out of the One Restore.

Hi Guys new here; but I came across these stain before. I just happened to have some rim cleaner from my carwash. Spray with pumpbottle wait 5 minutes and spary again wait 5 and rinse off. Worked great on whole house, Small sections of course

Oh boy.

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Hmmm I see 7 years later lol

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