Open bed trucks? Post them!

Finally retrieved my 275 ibc from being buried in my trailer… After putting this thing on my truck man is this thing bigger than i remember! The tunnel box although being a great storage area cuts our bed set up from 14 to roughly 11 feet… Im almost trying to decide if the ibc is too big. Post some pics of your rig so i can get an idea!


For the bed of a truck I would say yes. Unless it’s a long bed superduty. Even then unless you are needing remote water for jobs I would go smaller. Although my 200 gallon would run dry on some jobs. Mine was hidden under the skid. It also always had 50 gallons in it that I couldn’t suck up because of cavitation.

So the answer is not ideal. 100-200 gallons is plenty if you are hooked to a good source. IBS uses hydrants but also does very little residential.

I’m running a 550 gallon on my new truck but it’s not a pickup truck struggling on weight or room.

Apologies i should have been more clear on the truck. Its a ud1400 flat bed not a pick up!

Oh, so we have the same truck. Mines a GMC W4500. I assume this is what you have?

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Exact truck but ours is a flat bed (the sides will be coming off)

I cant find much info on these puppies but from what im told theyre solid… the speedo hasnt been working since we bought it. Any ideas?

I couldn’t tell ya! I know I shattered the rear end in mine on its maiden voyage plowing snow… I just bought it last fall. I know my (5.2L) diesel will outrun my gas F150 (pictured above) even fully loaded. Tons of torque! So far this winter it’s been a money making monster. Slap a 500 gallon tank on that thing and run 2 8gpm machines.

My concern was space. With a 275 its going to take up roughly 4 foot of the bed. Still need to fit a chem tank, compressor, 2 machines, 4 reels and a hot box! Hopefully we can make it work without too much clutter!

I wouldn’t think you will have trouble! I’m building the same thing minus the air compressor. I currently have a 275 gallon tote mounted, 10 foot toolbox brine pump, and a 1.5 yard salt spreader with room to spare!

I wouldnt even have a worry if we didnt have the tunnel box that took up an extra 36”… id get rid of it but its just too nice… i can hold a whole drum of chem, extra hoses etc. i guess ill just have to wait and see!

Sheesh, you can put any size tank you want and have plenty of room. You could put 2 totes side by side, think they’re 40" along one side or as Chris said, slap a 500 gal tank on it.


I had 2 totes side by side against the cab rack and it was too much weight in the front axle. So I ditched 1 of the tanks. I went to buy a 550 gallon tank today at the farm store and it had a foot of frozen water in it. I told them they could bring it inside and clean it out if they want me to buy it…

Yeah, but his will be 36" further back than yours were because of the box he has. But I agree with you, a 500 gal tank run lengthwise would be nice, can run reels beside it and mount machines on the rear.

In that case then look up box trucks, you could get some ideas from there

The way i invisioned it is 2 reels on the end of the bed. One on each side kitty corner so we can pull either direction without tangling, tanks against the box all hard piped with lots of shut offs, 1 reel next to the water tank to feed water, one reel on the opposite side for roof setup. Then hot box and air compressor somewhere in the middle. We shall see

If you worried about space with a tote, why not get a doorway tank?
Width is only 2.5 feet and still 400 gallons. Probably need a welder to make something to secure it.
Most have large holes to act as baffles as well


Go to some FB pages or just Google search flatbed pw pics. Most still run most there reels curbside or straight off rear.

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@SchertzServicesLLC what size is your bed? I need to figure out what to do with mine.

I forgot! I think it’s 14.5 or 15.5