Ok, so flexzilla

I inquired about the 3/4 size in 150, but they only make 100ft max, per email from Flexilla its not even available in special order or a bulk spool in 3/4. 5/8 is good enough I guess.

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5/8” is completely sufficient. 3/4” to 5/8” over 200’ might help you get an extra couple gallons every hour. I have a 100’ and 75’ cam locked to each other and to the reel. Just lock what you need onto the feed


Was looking at cam locks today… Almost bought em too!

No hose in the world is going to give us an extra half hour of washing if the faucet is slow.


Should’ve. They’re exquisite.

do you have one on the house end? screw a FGHT onto the spigot then attach the camlock?

Banjo makes GHT camlocks. I have one on every hose end. Watch the video I posted about best injector in the world. It’s actually easier to thread the big plastic thing on to the faucet than it is to fight with the thin little aluminum hose end. They’re a delight.

Misread your question. Simple answer: yes.

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I ordered another hose reel today for my supply line. Was thinking it was a good idea to do that.

I had my mind made up and set on those camlocks because of to your vid squid. Then I was hearing camlocks allow air into the system. So, I’m now apprehensive over it.

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I’ve been using them for two years with no problem. But I feed right into a tank so any air in the system is null and void. I wouldn’t use them on suction hose. Like to the pump.

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Yeah, i was just going to write that exact same thing. I’m getting them. I currently use the quick connects for a garden hose to faucet, so i know whet you mean when you say is easier to connect your Camlock adapter to faucet than hose end to faucet.

I have to be honest, when I read about using the cam lock on feeder hose to hook up to the spigot I kid of thought it was a waste. But I tried it and it is really, really a good idea. So much easier to hook the hose up to spigots that are hard to get too or threads are messed up. Excellent tip.


Thanks Joe. Glad it’s helpful man!

I’ve got this 150ft of harbor freight crap, it’s a huge paperweight of a hose. Its like wire cable. I took the time to check each hose there was at tractor supply abd home home depot, the reddish ag hose from TSC came the closest to flexzilla, but not by much. Forget any of the commercial branded hoses.

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Stealing that idea i have some extras in the shop. Flexzilla doesn’t swivel well sometimes

TSC sells flexzilla. That’s where i got mine.

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Thats where i went but looking for the 3/4in. And they were out of 2in ballvalve(4bolt).

@SchertzServicesLLC clarification: the male ends stay male and vise versa. No transgender hoses.

(Disclaimer: Before someone gets flustered I fully support the rights of anyone to do anything that makes them happy if they’re not hurting others. This was a simple goof.)


Someone posted one of these in the past and I keep looking for one. They’re always sold out or even got discontinued. You push it on and only takes like 1/4 turn to tighten. I like the camlock idea too though. You’re only talking a few seconds difference between the two.