Oil based stain on vinyl

Replace the siding ? Maybe don’t take advice from a guy that is only here to mess with people. Don’t put pipe cleaner on vinyl. Don’t put anything on vinyl, or any surface that isn’t designed for that surface.

Do you think I removed the oxidation?

If there was any, it’s gone. But you definitely removed the surface coating. You might be able to wax it. I sprayed taginator from a spray bottle thinking it was muriatic to remove rust stains from an A/C drain near the roof line. Had to replace the entire side and then the front because the new siding didn’t match with the old. Had the same situation you had. Long line of vinyl from roof line to foundation that the coating was removed from.

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Damn. I definitely don’t want to replace the siding!

@Innocentbystander didn’t want to either…no one ever wants to replace the siding


Very possible. I think @PPWofLexSC has used it a few times. He might be able to chime in. The one time I did, it required multiple applications.

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In a year it’ll look like the rest.

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I would try a less diluted mix. And I found that either brushing entire side of home with a soft brush and/or decent white tip wand-ing the whole side may be necessary.

The after photo you have don’t look horrible…If they had brown fence stain on the side of that home it’d stick out like a sore thumb. But now you have to look for it to notice it.

-What expectations did you set with homeowner?
-Did you promise to make it look like brand new siding?
-Does it currently look better than what it was before you touched it? (as I don’t remember seeing a before photo with the original stain on it).
-Is the homeowner happy with results or are you striving for perfection?
Edit - you don’t need to respond to those questions. That’s just what’s rolling through my mind as I’m looking over this.

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@DSJ1 when reading the thread I linked in the previous post you’ll find that it is suggested by @Racer to try some other products as well. I have yet to test these so I cannot state that one works better than the other. But if Rick is using it, it’s either faster, cheaper, better or some combination of all three.

@PPWofLexSC thank you! I checked the other link you provided and I’m going to go with a 4:1 dilution and ds it. I
Ds at 10:1 so I’m thinking this should handle it.

Thinking back… When I originally hit it with Cleansol I pre-mixed 20:1 then ds it. So I was actually hitting the house at 30:1. It was too weak!

Going to also look into the Britenol that @Racer reccomends.

Just remember, when you take a percentage of a percentage (or ratio), that you multiply them, not add. If you start with 20:1, then dilute that by a further 10:1, your end result is 200:1, not 30:1.


Update? What ended up working?

Cleansol BC helped a lot but there is still a very faint area of stain.

He probably keeps a pump sprayer full of wire wheel cleaner in his shower for these three reasons. No hot water, save that for Wendy’s at 3am.

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Scumbags went up $1.50/gal on me last week. Considering I use about 300 gals/year, that’s real money.

Bastards! Hopefully you can overcome it somehow.

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For anyone looking for something to clean up stain on vinyl, oven cleaner worked VERY well for me. Just make sure it doesn’t touch anything that is painted (gutter/downspout, windows, etc). Only on vinyl. Spray, let sit 20-30 seconds, wipe off, then wash.

Always do a test spot in a hidden area first.