Customer wants vinyl sidings oxidation removed

I’ve had a unique request from an affluent customer. He removed his downspouts and sees that his house is oxidized and there is a line where the downspouts were. He is requesting a quote and I am interested in helping him provided it can be done correctly and is not a job that may end up biting me.

Does anyone have experience removing all oxidation from a vinyl house? I have blended, but never removed all the oxidation.

Can you wait a week or so before you do the job. I’ll send you some BD6 to use. You can’t buy it online except for gutter butter. Its the same thing only alot stronger and way cheaper.


They are in no hurry. I am assuming you downstream and brush the siding. I am not sure if I want to take this job or not, but it would be a good paying job if I got it.

I haven’t got a chance to try it yet but my dad says he used to xjet it and didnt need to brush. He used to own a fairly big pressure washing business for 1995 till 2008. Most did new construction and brick.

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Can you post some pictures of it first it may be something you dont want to mess with or could be something you can use fairly light chemical and a scrub brush on either way it’s a big risk. But without seeing it hard to tell

I’ll request pictures from the customer. I am nervous about it, but it might be worth doing a test and all that. I typically walk away from stuff like this, but I have read people have had some success.

You need to make sure you set the expectations with the customer it may make it worse in the end

I haven’t used it before but I’ve heard good things about cleansol bc from eaco chem. No brushing supposedly. Worth looking at.

Nah still have to brush with it sadly.

I recommend cleansol bc. I just did a 1500 sq ft house and only used 16oz. It worked better than gutter butter and it’s safe on windows and plants. Price is similar to gutter butter.

I get gutterbutter for $8 for 10 gallons :grin:

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