Nozzle shot off


Hey guys, was doing a house wash this morning and had done most of the house with my shooter tip when suddenly the tip just shot out of the quick connect on the end of the lance like a rocket. Cut the machine off and the o-ring had disappeared from the quick connect as well. Hadnt had any issues and didn’t take the tip off at anytime, anyone know if something in particular caused this? Or was this just an anomaly that I couldnt avoid…


Didnt double check that it connected right.
It has happened to me when i started, now when i change tips i double check.
The o ring will shoot out too.
Fortunately orings are cheap


I had a 24 inch aluminum lance blow right off the gun leaving behind the male QC. I believe something got into my tip and caused too much pressure. Not the same circumstances but was frightening!


Thanks, I will double check from now that its connected right. luckily I was watering down some plants around the house so it landed safely in a bush, couldve been disastrous had it hit a window with the velocity it came off.


I once shot off a complete JROD into the shrubbery and couldn’t find it even after an hour of looking. Had to finish cleaning the last part of the house with a garden hose…


Same story.

What I do now. Put tip in and only the tip. Give it a good tug to make sure it is in tight. Point lance/tip into the ground close by and give a gentle squeeze on the trigger. Had it blow off a few times, but it is right there for me to pick up.




Maybe a jrod dickie is needed…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I shot a Jrod onto a rooftop once…lol

You have to be careful.


Just double check the quick connect by making sure the fitting is seated properly. it should click into place and the collar should then freely spin when it’s locked.


My main house wash gun is a StT2315, 5 inch nipple with a M5DS permanently attached on end of nipple (no qc). I never have to worry about that again. Like others here when I first started I shot a j-rod right at the house. Fortunately there was no window there. Only time I use a j-rod now is for a shooter tip or to use for higher pressure rinse on a deck. You definitely have to be careful with a j-rod since you’re always changing tips throughout the job and it’s easy to get lazy and not heck if the tip is fully seated in