Sweater for your jrod

A sweater for cold days

JROD SLEEVE – PressureCity


Dickies for your jrod

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I hope they sell a ton of them so when the ding dongs that buy them post a picture with the least necessary thing I’ve ever seen in our industry (minus the splatter shield that looks like a pie plate for the end of your gun) with an equipment question I can see it and gleefully think “Ha! Got em!”


FB post describe it as a good way to find in grass if you loose them.
Next thing… they are customizable, ad your name or fav quote.

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I’d rather send $10 to the government.


I could’ve used the glow in the dark feature last night

How’d it go

I’ve been meaning to paint my Jrods florescent orange after having one shoot off the wand and get lost in the bushes at a house.


Whatever guys. I think it’s cool looking. If they made one for a 3-nozzle holder and charged $7.27 or less, I’d buy it :smirk:

Then again, some will tell you that I’ll buy anything that comes in neon green… (@majestic66)


I painted my and rubbed off after 1 job. I’m going to tie it to a hub cap instead.


Spray painting is a good idea as I’ve lost many of these. Anyone have one painted that lasted and stayed looking good?

I spray paint my water keys with neon marking paint. It’s not long before those things don’t look good and they don’t get used a lot. But you can still find them in the grass!

There’s a ton of YouTube videos on Powdercoating at home which would probably come in handy for a ton of small parts

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I so have been wanting to do this and my wife tells me this week that she wants a new oven so, YES! a powder coating oven for the shop! Score!


No, I did one white and blue (for soap and water) to help train an employee and it lasted a month or so. Long enough to get him trained. I think the prep would be the key. some time on the wire wheel to get it roughed up good before painting would help. I took mine out of the tool box wiped it down with Acetone and sprayed it in 10 minutes. Didn’t last.

It was going great until my spray bar flew off. Chemicals worked like a charm tho. I’m having two delivered tomorrow if not Thursday. This was my 2nd lesson about having multiple of everything. This time I will not be hard headed. So i just finished ordering about $500 worth of parts that I don’t need(yet). Including more hose. Now I have to go back out in the cold winter night twice for the same amount of money that could have been earned in one.

I have 3 different machines so having a color coded setup would be pretty handy when your workers can’t seem to remember which JRod goes with which machine. Red for the 4GPM Honda, Black for the 5.5 GPM Kohler (black whip line) and Blue for the 8 GPM Kohler (Blue whip Line).

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I hope they come in #ffff00

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Made in several colors


Suprised you don’t have 2 of these already. Just cut one off