NorthStar vs Doug Rucker Mad Max

The time has come for me to upgrade to the next level of Pressure Washers; unfortunately, I cannot decided between my top 2 choices and I am coming out of the shadows to ask the people who know more than myself to break the tie. I appreciate any and all opinions. I’ve gone through previous posts but wasn’t able to find anything directly related to either machine.

Most of my business consists of house washing, decks, fences, driveways/walkways, RV’s, etc. I DS SH and use OX or critic acid on woods.


NorthStar Gas Cold Water Pressure Washer — 3000 PSI, 5.0 GPM, Honda Engine, Model 157130

Doug Rucker’s Mad Max

  • 5.5GPM/3000 PSI
  • 13 HP Honda GX390 engine
  • Unloader VRT3-310EZ
  • Adjustable Pressure Unloader
  • Low Oil Alert
  • Pump GP TS2021
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Frame
  • Dual Handles for Easy Lifting Option

Both are essentially the same price. NorthStar offers free shipping and Rucker charges $350 - maybe more, maybe less. NorthStar also includes 50ft of hose (which I won’t use), Spray Gun, and lance. The only thing included with Doug Rucker is a thumbs-up.

Both have are powered by a Honda GX390. NorthStar uses a General Pump ME1 and Rucker uses a Pump GP TS2021.

If I go with the Rucker, is his Suttner ST-2305 gun with the Mosmatic Swivel worth the $100 price tag?

Neither one will deliver those specs, so are you more comfortable being lied to by a national chain, or an individual? Northern Tool will at least attempt to work on it if you take it to them, but in all fairness to their staff, they work on everything from drills to generators. Your best bet would be to find a local vendor. If that’s not an option, I would consider relocation to where there is one. It’s hard to run a business without stellar support from local vendors unless you are capable of your own repairs and builds.

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If you’re serious about business, don’t buy either. Get a belt drive or at least a gear drive. You didn’t put the price of either.

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You will wear out the 2305 pretty quickly. They have a metal ball and don’t last nearly as long as the 2315s with a ceramic ball. The mosmatic is a must in my opinion. I usually keep 3 complete guns on the trailer at all times. Two hooked up to the machines and a back up.

As far as the machines. Neither are great.


I agree with @sgb, the 2315 is superior and only a few $ more. Same easy-pull and hold as the 2305 but with better longevity and chem resistance.

I thought mel gibson was mad max, who is doug rucker?


Musgrave follower

The Max Max was about $2k and the Northstar is about 1600

Well Damn, this doesn’t give me much faith in my plan moving forward

What part of the country you live in?

Not anymore

Since when, they were just together couple of weeks ago

I live in the Cereal Capital of the world, Battle Creek, Michigan

So which one of these turds is the better of the 2 bc I have to get one of them before the season starts. Are they both such crap that I should get something like a Stanley Fat Max?

Check out your local FB marketplace or Craigslist you might be able to find a bigger or better used machine for cheaper

Mad Max if I had to choose between the two.

Flip a coin, both have crappy pumps and the accessories are consumables. Literally flip a coin.

One’s a direct drive and one’s a belt. I’d go with the belt.


Mad Max for sure

Here i am thinking we’re comparing lemons to lemons lol Shame on me.

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