New Truck Wrap

Just got my new truck wrapped to match my other one. The picture is a little dark. Let me know what you think.


Looks great!

Love it. Especially the colors you chose

Here is my other truck and trailer.


Where are you at tin 252 Area code? There a few in the coastal area.

Do you mind sharing the cost. I have a dodge ram 2500 I’m hoping to have wrapped next month


I paid $1850 for the wrap and $650 for installation. I used the same design as my other truck so it saved me a $500 design fee this time. So $2500.

Greenville, NC

Thanks so much for sharing.

That looks good Man! Wraps are expensive, but then again it’s basically a rolling billboard so… Not as expensive as it seems I guess.

Looks awesome!

I’ve got this coming on this weekend. I’m pumped!


Did you already give them the green light? Id ask for some tweaks if your able to…

The truck looks great. Love how big your phone number is and the entire look is very clean (cheesy pun, I know) and easy to read.

As a marketing thought - if you want to know your ROI (return on investment) you can use a different number for your truck wraps (or any printed media). By tracking the number that’s called with sales, you can get a better/more objective idea of how your investment is paying off. I do the same with my phone system and it adds about $5-ish a month per number for me (which may be higher or lower compared to your carrier).

Don’t forget to have a conversation with your insurance agent to let them know and see if it’s covered already, or if the value of the wrap should be added.

That said, I think a big, bold, good looking wrap is a pretty good investment if you’re going to have it more than four years, which works out to about $600 or less per year.

It certainly states in huge letters, “I’m a professional and can be trusted.”

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Thats awesome. I love flatbeds. I will be adding one soon.

Yea I wanted the number to be the biggest part of it because if someone see’s you in traffic their going to put your number in their phone real quick and call you. Not to many people are going to care about your website when driving through town. I had it designed to be simple, professional and very noticeable and it has worked really well for us. Both of my wraps have paid for themselves very quickly. Just a couple of days ago I was parked on the side of the road talking to a customer when a guy saw my truck and stopped to talk. I ended up getting 25 rental properties and his personal home. They are mostly doublewides so we will knock them out in a couple days.

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Here’s a couple of wraps I saw today in the French Quarter :joy:


What did something like this run you if you dont mind me asking? We have been thinking about a wrap on our cab over flat bed but not sure if it would really be any more beneficial over normal door/bed rail decals

I’ve been seeing a lot of those weed world wraps lately.