New trailer setup!

Setting up a new rig so I don’t have to run everything from the back of the truck. Excited about this. 4gpm machine for now. Doing mostly residential. It’s is a 4x8.5 with a 3500lb axle. Picked it up for cheap. From what I e read on here a 55 gallon tank should work well enough for a buffering tank. Just wanted to share!!!


Will keep y’all posted with pics also.

Take the washer off the wheels and save some space.

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That’s the plan. Stopping by a spot today to see if they have the feet. If not I will rig something up. Thanks👍🏼

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Hey man! I am just starting out and putting together my trailer. Good luck keep us posted on the progress.

Also for the feet of the washer check out the post/link @squidskc just made.


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You won’t be able to, nor will you need a buffer tank for a direct drive pump.

Agreed. Save your self the headache and just connect it directly to the spigot

I run a two 4.5 GPM direct drive units off a buffer tank. When I had one unit, I ran it off a buffer tank. I wouldn’t run a machine off a direct feed unless I absolutely had to. Running off a buffer tank allows you to feed the bypass water back to the tank, which cools the pump and theoretically would allow you to run the unit in bypass mode for a long as you want. If you are hooked directly to a spigot and you let off the gun you have only a few minutes of water cycling in the pump before it starts overheating and burning up the seals. Definitely use a buffer tank.


That will work 99% of the time! I washed a house last year that MAYBE put out 2.5 gpm… I wanted to walk away from the job but they were having house, gutters, walks, and driveway done. So walking away from $850 wasn’t a choice I was going to make.


You can always just let the water fly out or pipe it down with a pvc 90° and some ducktape😝 I may have done that at one point for a bit because I fingerd whats a few cents for the customer vs a 500$ pump. I was probably over protective of my new pump though

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That’s true. I have heard of people running a 3/8 hose off the unloader to the ground. I’d still prefer the tank because I do a lot of rural stuff that’s on a shared well with low volume.


I only did it because I was littery taking the washer off the truck every job then unrolling hoses :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed. I usually have pretty good water flow in my area. I ran a low quality 3.8 gpm 4000 psi dewalt home depot machine for years with no problems but I’m in the city ( or something close to one) for the most part so our situations might be different.

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Yeah around here is a lot of rural areas. Never know what situation I’ll be in. Might as well play it safe.

I was doing that. My back is killing me though. I work full time at Costco driving a forklift in the early mornings. Don’t feel like lifting anything when I leave there. Haha

I don’t anymore but I feel your pain

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Picked the L brackets and rubber feet up today for $22 at local supplier. Bolted it all down. My brother works and a manufacturing company so I will see what size tanks they have there. I know I don’t need anything too big.


Looks nice! You may want to put something blocking rocks from pelting your PW though… I can see that air cleaner being shattered and breather dented up by the end of summer.


Great idea. Didn’t even think about that. I can weld something up in a couple of days.

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Looking good. A 30 gal tank should be plenty.

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