New tool box!


Finally got a bigger box this weekend, did a little customization, and put about 15 hrs into moving everything from 3 boxes into the new box and cart. I can afford tool truck stuff, but I have 30 yrs worth of craftsman (old USA CRAFTSMAN) and plenty of cheap but adequate HF and others.
I had to order the side lockers, the should be in by Friday!

The new HF boxes are amazing for the price, I had a few of the older smaller ones and they were ok, the old cart was great, but the LOVE the series 2 stuff.

Anyone else a tool junkie or lifetime DIY mechanic?


That’s nice,mine are not all neat and organized like that lol


Mine won’t be after a few weeks! Only like this once! Lol!!!


I can see @squidskc smiling as he seeing these pics! Haha


I love the new color options HF has now!


I’ll pm you my address if you want to come organize my tools! I’m to embarrassed to post a picture lol


An organized tool box is soooo much more efficient. RIIIIIIIIIGHT… until you use it regularly!!! Trust me it’ll be a mess soon🤣


I don’t think our definition of a “mess” would be the same… I would have better luck finding the right tool if I let a train run it over and scattered everything out.




I can never keep my tool box looking like that more then 5 uses


Both. I’m a mega nerd when it comes to tools and OCD to boot. If my tool drawers aren’t like this at all times I can’t sleep at night. Lol


You must’ve seen my lunacy here. Lol



You definitely win on the organization!!! I try soooo hard but I just never have the time to keep up!! I spent the last 2 days trying to figure out why my truck won’t start, come to find out it was the plug on the fuel pump control module, 5 min fix, 2 days wasted!!! See what I mean?!?!?